Budgam villagers mock at government’s macadamisation claim

Budgam villagers mock at government’s macadamisation claim
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BUDGAM: Puncturing the tall claims of the R&B department that macadamization has been carried out in all areas; residents of Budgam say that majority of link roads in the district have not been macadamized for decades.
Citing the example of a five-kilometre bumpy road stretch connecting Poshker-Gogaldara, residents said that it has never been macadamized in past six decades.
The road is dotted with potholes and drivers are reluctant to drive their vehicles on the road, residents said.
The 8-km area of road from Arizal to Khansahab which also connects dozens of villages with Tosmaidan tourist resort is also in a dilapidated condition.
The residents mock at the claim of the R&B officials of carrying out macadamization in the area.
“This road is an important road because it connects the area with Tosamaidan. It says a lot about the claims of developing the tourism infrastructure in Kashmir. We were assured by MLA and other ministers that macadamization will be carried on this important road, but no work has been carried on the roads,” rued a villager Farooq Dar.
Mocking at the apathetic approach of the concerned officials, residents are up in arms against the government for ignoring their demand.
“The situation worsens during the rainy season when potholes are filled with water and the road turns cesspool. It becomes very difficult to drive vehicles on the road,” says another local Ghulam Mohammad of Brass. “The pathetic condition of the road not only to locals but also leaves a bad impression about tourism infrastructure in Kashmir for tourists,” he added.
The poor condition of the road also creates a big hurdle to farmers in sending their products to the rest of the places.
The condition of another 3-kilometre link road connecting Kandhama-Harde Aboora in the area is also in a dilapidated condition. The road has also never been macadamised.
Expressing strong resentment over the callous attitude of the government, locals alleged that some contractors might have submitted fake work completion documents without even carrying work on the ground.
Executive engineer R&B Budgam’s Kachoo Mohammed Ali when contacted he said we will macadamise those roads first that are prioritised by the concerned MLAs.
“They decide which road to macadamize and which not and we follow the same. I can’t say the MLA’s and ministers are heads of R&B department, but I will say that the list of roads that they forward us remain in priority,” he said.
He added that he hopes that the remaining roads will be macadamised in coming season on the priority basis.
Hakeem Mohammad Yaseen MLA Khansahab when contacted, he said that the road has been macadamised earlier also and assured that the road will also be macadamised this year too.