Will send letters to Muslims nations to highlight India’s brutalities, says DeM

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Srinagar: Chairperson of Dukhtaran-e-Millat, Syedah Aasiyeh Andrabi, on Saturday said that the state government and forces were viciously targeting the DeM leadership and its cadres across JK.
In a statement, Aasiyeh said, “Recently, seven women were arrested in Pinglana, Pulwama among which few were members of DeM. Cases of “treason” have been lodged against all of them. It is a matter of grave concern that women who were on way to express solidarity with a bereaved family were arrested and serious cases were registered against them.”
She said that “people of Jammu and Kashmir do not consider themselves as part of India”.
“Irony is that in Kashmir, people are booked while they go to mourn the death of their dear ones,” she said.
She further said that the police is continuously raiding her residence and the houses of other party leaders for the past 15 days. “They are searching for us in a manner that as if we are the underground organisation,” she said.
She said that the DeM, since 1981, has played an active role as a socio religious organisation. “In the years, we have raised different issues and also believe that JK is an unfinished agenda of partition. This is our stand and it has not and will never change,” she added.
She said that the government always created hurdles whenever DeM initiated welfare programmes at the social level. “In 2005, I along with many others were arrested and booked under PSA for doing social service,” she added.
“Whenever India feels that someone with facts and solid arguments is challenging their illegal existence in Kashmir, it gets frustrated and starts using force against them,” Aasiyeh said.
DeM chairperson said that this anti-DeM policy adopted by India is a matter of grave concern. “But I want to tell India that such cheap tactics won’t make any difference. We won’t budge by such cheap tricks. We were banned in 1990 but we emerged once again by the grace of the Almighty Allah. We won’t leave this legitimate and pious struggle under pressure from India,” she said.
“The only thing which is a matter of concern for the people of JK is that women are being harassed and are being forced to leave their homes. The women in Kashmir aren’t feeling safe within the walls of their homes,” Aasiyeh said.