Soz applauds J&K women brigade for inviting attention of Indian nation to this heinous crime

Soz applauds J&K women brigade for inviting attention of Indian nation to this heinous crime
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Srinagar: Prof. Saifuddin Soz, former central minister, on Saturday said that he pay tribute to 4 member J&K women brigade for seeking adequate punishment for the rapist and murderer of an 8-year old Kathua girl.
In a statement, Soz said, “I pay a tribute to 4-member J&K women brigade for truth and justice – Nidhi Razdan, Anurada Bhasin, Advocate Deepika Ahlawat and Shehla Rashid of JNU, who have successfully and heroically invited the attention of the Indian nation to the heinous crime against an 8 year child.”
He said that the message of these brave J&K women has also travelled beyond the boundaries of India. “The prestigious newspaper like The New York Times have not only carried full story of the most abominable and indescribable crime against an 8-year child, but carried out denunciations of this crime regularly.”
“The Tennis Star Sania Mirza has been threatened by certain intolerant extremists like Geeta Jola, Rakesh Kumar and Pank Chaudry to go to Pakistan or China as she had tweeted New York Times reference to this extremely heinous crime,” he said.
Soz said, “I have a feeling that the battle for severe punishment to the barbarians of Kathua and for non-recurrence of such heinous crimes in future, has only begun.”
“I would urge the women Brigade to lodge a protest in the Supreme Court of India against leaders of the Hindu Ekta Manch and the leaders of so- called Bar Association of Jammu, who carried a tricolour and tried to thwart the Crime Branch to register the FIR,” he said.
He said, “The team of the Crime Branch under SSP Ramesh Kumar Jalla has done a commendable job and the team deserves greetings of the people.’’

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