On the Qunduz Massacre and the Double Standards of the World

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Shah Husain

In Afghanistan, what has come to be called as the Qunduz Massacre , which witnessed one of the horrendous mass killings of innocent children in the modern times. The modern Pharaoh’s blitzkrieg martyred more than hundred Hafiz-e-Qurans (those who’ve memorized the Holy Quran by heart).Many others also lost their lives. The bombing scenes were scary and heart breaking, no different than a slaughter house. The fragile flowerlike kids dressed in white attires and white turbans on their heads, wearing garlands, holding qualifying certificates in their hands and carrying a gentle smile on their merry faces presented the embodiment of “Angelic faces” and “Descendants of Prophetic knowledge”. Soon afterwards, the military assault spilled blood everywhere and turned every speck of white into red.
NATO once again proved that not only has it failed drastically in its paper-based mission to ensure security and peace but has also given birth to an unmitigated disaster which has resulted in destruction of several nations. The bigwig nations for their internal benefits have created hegemony in many conflict ridden nations. They themselves have ‘sown the seeds of terrorism’ in such nations and launched military operations up against their self manufactured “Terrorism” only to gain and extend control over the world economy and land.
Touching the roof of callousness and sanctimony, the whole brigade of electronic media, seculars , liberals and self proclaimed preachers of justice and equality turned deaf ears and a blind eye towards the Qunduz attack. There were no coverage’s and no broadcasts on the behalf of puissant media who otherwise are known to be the ‘powerful propagators’ for raising hue and cry mere on the killing of a rabid dog. Ah! How can a beating heart and a sensitive mind remain a “mute spectator” with a zip on its lips?
Being candid enough, those unfortunate children were Muslims and that too from Afghanistan (a terrorist industry in their eyes). These kids were not supposed to be among the platoon of future doctors, engineers, astronauts and business giants. They were not going to hold the future titles of ‘Mr’ in the eyes of the world. The only title attached to them was “Hafiz” or “Moulvi” which in the eyes of their detractors is the most illiterate, backward and extremist creature of the world. They would have never become the part of “intellectual hub” nor were they of any dear value! Perhaps, they failed to pass the eligibility criterion of being called as humans in the eyes of the “I am genteel world”!The criminal silence of liberals, seculars and synthetic peace-mongers solidifies the statement against them that they are the symbols of “pseudo Intellect”, “fake sympathizers” and dual natured buffoons ” who in practical terms are devoid of values and carries “pouch of fallacy” with them.
I ask every liberal and secular ideologue: where are your candle light marches, processions and social network hashtags in favour of Afghani Huffaz kids? Where are your poignant words and verbal attacks against the use of military might on unarmed children? Did your empathy and emotions disappear all of a sudden? (Perhaps bigotry against Muslims has put shield on the eyes of seculars). They didn’t even prefer to shed ‘crocodile tears’ which testifies their pachydermatous attitude towards one particular religion. Just imagine, if the same massacre would have been taken place in any part of the West or west-backed countries! It would have been termed as the ‘biggest child genocide” ever happened on earth and marked as a ‘Black Day for humanity’. The culprit nations would have been reduced to pieces through military bombardment. Unfortunately, since it happened in Afghanistan and the culprits are from the West, the story is entirely different.
The pseudo intellectuals mourn the death of Stephen Hawkings and Sri Devi for weeks but deliberately put curtains of odium on the Afghan killings. One Malala is being attacked and they are at rage for years! Of course , you can be; every life matters and any act of cruelty and injustice ought to be dealt with the iron rod but being dual-natured with Muslim-centric issues is what reflects your grudge and bigotry towards a particular religion and faith .The slogans of liberalism and secularism are hollow, devoid of real values which is a red sign for the world . Their hypocrisy on every single issue, one sided advocacy for justice and equality, outrage on killings in one part of the world and criminal silence rather justification on genocides and massacres in the other side of the world speak volumes about them.
International media serves as the “field bed” for them and is another offshoot of hypocrisies. Their exaggerated reports have the capacity of making a mountain out of a mole hill. Take the case of Paris ,New York or German attacks as being highlighted with fabricated fables but the same warmongers prefer to justify the “terrorist Tag” attached to Muslims even if they are being brutally slaughtered by the “brothers of pseudo-Intellects”. International human rights bodies and other organizations also maintained criminal silence. These avatars of modern colonialism are now trapped in webs of their own making which will gradually but inexorably demean and diminish them. It might just be a matter of time that the pain-bearing nations will rise again and put an end to the modern and violent colonialism. Last but not the least, lesser said about the stakeholders of peace, nuclear brutes, armed to the teeth countries, who are the forerunners in spreading terrorism and disturbing peace all across the world, the better. This, however, demands a separate narrative!

— The author is an MBA student at the, University of Kashmir. He can be reached at: Shahhussain.ku@gmail.com