Initial approach adopted by Indian majority reflects their hatred for Muslims: MDM

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Srinagar: Muslim Deeni Mahaz (MDM) on Saturday termed the recent developments in the Kathua rape and murder case and the “blood bath” of youth in Kashmir as an eye opener for the people of Kashmir.
The spokesperson in a statement said that “the initial approach adopted by the Indian majority in rape and murder case is reflective of the hatred that they hold for Muslims in their heart.
“Whatever action is being taken now by the government is due to world pressure,” he said.
The spokesperson added that the army is going berserk and unarmed civilians are being killed on pretext of encounters. “Recently in Kulgam, militants managed to escape and the army vented their frustration on unarmed civilians killing 4 youth. All this is being done because the Indian army treats every Kashmiri as an enemy and a potential target to kill.”
The spokesperson appealed the Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir to ponder over these issues. “Need of the hour is that we remain steadfast and fight this occupation while putting our trust in Almighty Allah. It is only through the help of Allah that we can achieve the cherished goal of freedom.”