Protests in favour of killers, rapists has devised new chapter in criminal history of world: Malik

Protests in favour of killers, rapists has devised new chapter in criminal history of world: Malik
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On JRL’s call, JKLF protests against Kathua rape, murder

Srinagar: Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Friday said that the rape and murder of eight year old innocent Kathua girl in a temple, and protest in favour of killers and rapists “has actually devised a new chapter in criminal history of the world in which killers and rapists are being supported by unfurling the flag of a nation and by raising the name of their god.”
On JRL program, JKLF leaders along with traders, employees, students and people staged a peaceful protest against Khudwani Kulgam killings and rape and murder of innocent Kathua girl.
Protesters raised slogans in favour of freedom and martyrs and against ongoing genocide in Kashmir, brutal murder of innocent girl in Kathua and other oppressive measures by forces, protesters sat on a peaceful sit-in which was addressed by various JKLF leaders.
In his message from Srinagar Central Jail, Malik in a statement said, “Rape and murder of innocent Kautha girl by chauvinists and protest by pro-India fringe including some sitting ministers, members of assembly and party bearers, a group of lawyers and some civil society members of Jammu in favour of rapists and murderers is shocking act.”
“Where is humanity and where has human instincts perished?” he asked. “Is this that religion teaches us and is this what we call as civilization and modernity.”
Calling for a stern punishment for killers and rapists, JKLF chairman said that people who have and are trying to communalize such crimes should feel some shame.
On civilian killings, Malik said that instead of having some remorse on human loss in Kashmir, pro-India politicians and forces are busy putting blame on the victims. “From Shopina to Kulgam and Sonwari to Handwara, blood of Kashmiris is being spilled over the roads by bullets and pellets by forces with impunity.”
Malik has said that on daily basis, Kashmiri young boys are being killed and blinded ruthlessly, “but instead of some remorse on it, pro-India politicians, army, forces and police are seen busy in putting blame on those killed and blinded.
JKLF incarcerated Chairman said that those who have choked every little space on peaceful politics, who incarcerate political activists under black laws, who use military and police might to suppress peoples voices should also introspect their deeds and instead of putting blame on the victims try to have some regret on human loss.