Polarizing Contradictions

Polarizing Contradictions
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The brutal Kathua rape murder case and the evolving politics over and around it has made the fault lines that define the region of Jammu and Kashmir come out in the open. The region, pared to the bone, an administrative arrangement dating back to many decades had/has held on account of a mélange of factors which include politics, administrative and bureaucratic needs, the “Durbar” move, the gradual and increased trading linkages between its constituent units, Jammu and Kashmir. But, despite these rather functional links holding, and to a large extent, blurring the burden of history within the region, other links remained rather tenuous. However, with the “east west” or “chalk and cheese” coalition between the BJP and the PDP, which made the two alliance partners, join together political, things have gone awry in Jammu and Kashmir. The rape murder incident, gory, brutal and inhumane, on its own merits, and the politics thereof underscores this larger point. Jammu and Kashmir appear to be so polarized that its major constituents are going in altogether different and estranged directions. Yet, powers that be which constitute and run the government appear to elide over this and continue as if nothing is happening or nothing has happened. At the end of the day then, the so coalition between the PDP and the BJP, instead of bringing the peoples of the region together have only managed to pull it apart. Adding insult to injury is the fact that the two sitting ministers who actually participated in the politicized rallies about the rape murder case are still in cabinet and yet the PDP, which is ostensibly in the driver’s seat of the coalition, chooses to do nothing about it. Does this, broadly, reflect the weakness of the coalition partner or is it spinelessness? This can perhaps best be answered by those who are at the helm of affairs. All said and done, there is a sad irony to the tragic and brutal murder rape. Instead of empathy and justice for the victim and her kith and kin, politics is being played over it. This demonstrates the depths and the abyss that humanity has plunged into. There are no words to describe the tragedy but from a prosaic, political perspective, where this warped politics takes Jammu and Kashmir is also something that could be cause for alarm.

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