Expired supply drugs found in ashes at Bandipora Hospital

Expired supply drugs found in ashes at Bandipora Hospital
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Admin says may have been discarded by patients

Bandipora: Stacks of hospital supply drugs were found discarded and burnt at Bandipora hospital premises on Friday, adding weight to allegations that the administration was preferring to waste drugs than utilizing them on patients.
The partially burnt drugs found at the hospital included strips of Domperidone tablets, Propanolol, Iron and boxes of contraceptives, with expiry date of April 2018 and JKMCL (Jammu Kashmir Medical Corporation) inscribing visible on the stripes which could be retrieved.
Experts and doctors say that given the procedure laid by the medical council, the drugs should have been returned three months before expiry to the JKMCL.
The discarding of essential drugs puts a question mark on the functioning of the hospital, given the regular complaints about patients being made to purchase medicines from private drug stores.
Insiders said that the discarded drugs were common and high on demand, hence their non-utilisation a matter of concern.
However, the administration denied to have discarded the drugs.
Block Medical Officer Bandipora, Dr Syed Rehman denied any role of the hospital staff in burning the drugs.
“We discard hospital waste and burn it, and, may be, at times some covers of the medicines find their way into it. It is not that we will burn few stripes, if the department has to resort to something fishy, then we can burn lacs and crores of medicines to fullfill our motives,” Reham said.
He added that drug strips may have been discarded by patients and found their way into trash, as “many patients complain of stomach burn” from these drugs.
“It may be the reason it found its way in the dumping yard through Municipal community sweepers, furthermore contraceptives like Mala-D are only available on Sub Centers,” he said.
Chief Medical Officer also seconded the BMO by saying that they only burn hospital garbage in the backyard of the hospital, and that there was no expired medicine in the hospital.
However, some attendants argued that even if the administration’s claim was true, it implies that they were supplying expired drugs to patients.