Why it took 3 months to speak for Asifa: Er Rasheed to TV channels

Why it took 3 months to speak for Asifa: Er Rasheed to TV channels
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SRINAGAR: Asking Delhi-based media to apologise for waking from deep slumber to speak for an eight-year-old Asifa, Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed on Thursday said the “criminal” silence for three months has exposed the real designs of these TV channels.
In a statement, Rasheed said, “Keeping complete mum for three months and suddenly trying to become the champion of child rights has revealed that there was something behind the curtains that had forced the national media to shut its mouth over Asifa’s rape and murder case. The shameful part of the story remains unanswered that why it took three months for these nationalist channels to wake up.”
“This silence has authenticated and exposed the biased, unrealistic and propagandistic attitude and response of national media towards the majority community of J&K,” Rasheed said.
AIP president said that stopping of Crime Branch from producing the charge sheet in Asifa’s case invited a huge outrage on social media both at national and international level, thus forcing these TV channels to end their “shameless and immoral” silence over the issue. “It is evident that speaking for Asifa has become a compulsion of Indian media and nobody should get misled and conclude that the ultranationalist media has turned neutral and fair overnight,” MLA Lanagate said.