We have failed Asifa as humans: VK Singh

We have failed Asifa as humans: VK Singh
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Unimaginable brutality, says Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: In the first reaction from a BJP minister on the horrific rape and murder of Asifa, Union Minister of State for External Affairs VK Singh on Thursday said that “we as humans” failed Asifa, but she would not be denied justice. Singh made the statement in a tweet.
Opposition leader and Congress President Rahul Gandhi described the rape and killing of Asifa as “unimaginable brutality”, which “cannot go unpunished”. He also expressed amazement at how someone could seek to protect the culprits.
“How can anyone protect the culprits of such evil,” Gandhi tweeted on Thursday. “What have we become if we allow politics to interfere with such unimaginable brutality perpetrated on an innocent child. It cannot go unpunished.”