Pro-India politicians’ conscience is dead: Geelani

Pro-India politicians’ conscience is dead: Geelani
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SRINAGAR: Chairman Hurriyat Conference Syed Ali Geelani on Thursday lashed out at pro-India politicians, saying their condemnation statements are nothing but rhetoric.
“They (pro-India politicians) stand exposed as they are patronising forces and bartering for personal gains. Their conscience is dead and (they) follow no ethics,” Geelani said in a statement. “These people must know that according to the law of nature, they are answerable for these murders and killings.” Geelani added that Indian forces and their agencies are treating every Kashmiri as enemies and wherever they find a chance, they do the worst.
He said the “trigger happy” forces, without any fear of penalisation; keep killing people and the international community, civil society and human rights organisations maintain their criminal silence.
Commenting over the statement of police chief wherein he has hinted out to bring some amendments in SOPs, Hurriyat chairman said, “It is their one more deceit; these authorities and forces are suffering from arrogance. Such organised genocide of Kashmiri Muslims vindicates our claim that forces and local stooges in a well-thought-out plan are carrying massacre of innocents for securing petty gains.”
He termed the killing of youths in Khudwani, Kulgam as “cold-blooded murder” and “worst kind of state terrorism” of India in Jammu and Kashmir.