Fate strikes at this mother and daughter, again

Fate strikes at this mother and daughter, again
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Tulkhan: An avid cricketer, a hardworking carpenter and a good husband, Ijaz Ahmad Palla had brought some joy to his wife and her mother after the hardships they had to bear following untimely demise of the head of their family.
In 2007, Ghulam Hassan Dar of Tulkhan village in Sangam died due to an illness leaving behind his wife, Saaja, and his daughter Firdausa-he lovingly called Laali Jan.
The mother and the daughter were left without any support and without a bread winner to sustain them and no other means of income. “The only thing they could do was to pray for a messiah to come,” a relative told Kashmir Reader.
Ijaz was their prayers answered. A resident of Batpora-Nagbal in Kulgam district, Ijaz, got engaged in an arranged set up to Firdausa and soon moved in to her house. He, as per the family, was a hardworking man and provided well to his wife and his mother-in-law.
“He worked very hard and had this house constructed for the family. You can see its small but sufficed well for the family for now-for Ijaz and Firdausa had no kids yet,” the relative said. They family was content and happy now, with Ijaz around.
But the comfort and the joy, alas, was very short lived. Ijaz was killed during the Khudwani encounter of Wednesday, along with three other civilians.
While locals in Khudwani maintained he was shot at by the government forces, police have maintained that the civilians died in cross fire.
Ijaz had left his home, Wednesday morning, as usual for work.
But unusually he did not carry his Tiffin box. “He told his wife he won’t need any food today,” the relatives assembled in Tulkhan told Kashmir Reader, “Little did she know he won’t need any food now, never,”
The mother and the daughter have again been left without any support, this time with a nice little house that will always remind them of Ijaz. Ijaz, in his home village of Batpora in Kulgam, had earned the name of ‘Tendulkar’ for his brilliant cricketing skills and his reputation followed him to the village of his in-laws as well, where he was respected otherwise also for being a humble soul.