Everyone should sit together and talk, including Pakistan: DGP

Everyone should sit together and talk, including Pakistan: DGP
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Srinagar: The solution to the Kashmir problem lies not in the gun but in everyone sitting down to talk, including Pakistan, J&K Director-General of Police SP Vaid said on Thursday in a live question-answer session on the JK Police’s official Twitter handle.
When asked about suggestions on resolving the Kashmir conflict, Vaid said: “I wish the Kashmir problem was so simple that I could answer in one reply. So many brains have been working for decades to find a solution. It is not so simplistic a problem. I personally feel that gun is not the solution. Every party concerned, including our neighbour (Pakistan), should sit together and talk it out. Violence is not the solution.”
Responding to another question on civilian killings during encounters, Vaid said that the civilians thronging encounter sites were themselves responsible for their deaths. He said that bullets don’t distinguish between a boy, a stone-pelter, and a militant.
Saying that encounter sites were not venues where “marriage of militants was going on”, Vaid urged the youth to stay away from the danger zones.
Vaid said that the Jammu and Kashmir Police was making every effort that not a single civilian should get hurt. “Why are these boys coming near the encounter sites? It is not that the marriage of a militant is going on,” he said.
To another question on regular internet blockades in Kashmir, the state’s police chief said that his effort is to minimise the disruption of internet. “I am totally against it. But let me tell you there is mischief and misuse of it to spread hatred and false propaganda. This is what we want to prevent,” he said.
Vaid also blamed the “national media” for not playing a constructive role in Kashmir. “I agree, national media is not playing a very constructive role. We have been counselling them. The discourse of the national media as well as the local media should be such that it doesn’t hurt the sentiments of the Kashmiri people,” he said in response to a question.

2 Responses to "Everyone should sit together and talk, including Pakistan: DGP"

  1. Ananta   April 14, 2018 at 1:06 pm

    Agree with the DGP here. Bullets indeed do not distinguish.At the same time, if boys are present at the same spot shielding terrorists from the rain of bullets, someone is bound to get hit. Talks are the solution but not at the cost of peace. Also, the people of Kashmir must now realise the propaganda machines in operation since decades and come forward to be a part of the solution itself within the framework of the Indian Constitution.

  2. Salim   April 13, 2018 at 11:39 am

    I wonder the Top Police official says a bullet can’t distinguish between a boy, stone pelter or a militant but the one who operates the weapon can. After all they are well trained people and not someone who has be given only gun with no skills to use it. Talking of Pak involvement to hammer out a solution is realistic……. Hope there would be end not only to civilian killing but to all killing after all everyone comes from a family and has every right to live a dignified life….I hope that the politicians of all hues and the Govts must realize it sooner that later and initiate a political initiative as political problem can only be addressed politically through a sincere dialogue. I strongly believe EVERY LIFE COUNTS…..