Whither Kashmir’s Summer

Whither Kashmir’s Summer
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There seems to be a correlation between unrest in Kashmir and the onset of summer or even actual summer. This does not appear to be an implied correlation but if a statistical approach is taken, it can be observed that often times, Kashmir plunges into chaos and unrest soon before or during summer. The inference that can be drawn here is that perhaps it is the weather that can be faulted but this would amount to a facetious way of thinking. The conflict in and over Kashmir does not, in the final analysis, flow from larger, unfathomable forces; it’s reasons are as prosaic and pedestrian as can be. Returning to the theme of the “usual” summer unrest in Kashmir, it is a statement of the obvious to posit that given the nature of Kashmir’s weather and climactic conditions, it is only in summer that businesses of all types and forms can actually work and do business. The money that is made during the summer season is the money that flows through and across sectors and classes. (These earnings also serve as a buffer for many people for the proverbial rainy days, like winter, in Kashmir). But, the moment natural seasons change in Kashmir, so do the political seasons, so to speak. The happenings in Kashmir over the past weeks suggest a validation of this broader point. While it remains a mystery why are things allowed to come to such a pass in and during the critical times, in terms of trade, commerce, business and so on, in Kashmir, it however, is not rocket science to fathom the consequences. These are borne by the people of Kashmir. Basic political analyst would suggest that when various factors and themes mix and mesh together in the region, there would or could take the form of deep and wide political discontent which, in turn, could take any form and shape. This constitutes a travesty and implies that the conflict can only get prolonged here. The prolongation of the conflict would, on the face of it, serve no one’s interests. So, it behooves upon powers that be to make a sober, realistic and sincere assessment of the conditions that form the grist and mill of political life in Kashmir. This, in turn, should be informed by prudence and wisdom, the kind that redounds to the benefit and welfare of all, especially the people of Kashmir.

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