Taliban attack Afghan district compound killing 18

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Kabul: Taliban fighters attacked a government compound in central Afghanistan overnight, killing three district officials and 15 forces, authorities said today.
The attackers stormed the secure compound in Khuja Omari district last night, setting off hours of fighting with forces, Ramazan Ali Moseni, a deputy chief police in Ghazni province, said.
He said 25 Taliban were killed. The district is close to the provincial capital, Ghazni city.
Afghan Parliament member Mohammad Arif Rahmani said the district governor, intelligence service director and a deputy police official were killed in the attack, as well as 15 forces.
Rahmani said the attackers planted mines to stop reinforcements from coming to help the government forces fend off the attack.
Moseni said the government reinforcements later joined the fighting.
He said eight government security forces were wounded. (AP)