Sharjeel was killed a fortnight before wedding

Sharjeel was killed a fortnight before wedding
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Kulgam: Mahjabeen and Sharjeel were getting married in less than a fortnight but as fate had it, the bride to be had her groom lying lifeless in front of her eyes as she-without any tears in her eyes-mourned in silence.
Sharjeel Ahmad Sheikh, 30, was Wednesday shot at and killed allegedly by government forces near the site of an encounter, here in Khudwani area of Kulgam district.
Three others civilians were also killed as forces opened fire on protestors. Police however maintained that the civilians were killed in, “cross fire,”
Sheikh, a driver by profession, was in a neighbor’s house near the site of the encounter as per his extended family.
“He had gone out to attend nature’s call when he was shot at in his chest,” they said, adding that he was ferried to Anantnag district hospital where he was pronounced ‘brought dead’.
Sheikh, as per the family, was to tie the nuptial knot on April 23.
Instead, his bride had to come all the way from Kullar area in Pahalgam to sit beside the corpse of her would be husband.
“It’s a cruel joke the occupation has played on Mahjabeena and hundreds of women like her in Kashmir,” a family member said, “It wrenches my heart even to look at her face,”
Sheikh’s body was kept at a relative’s house throughout the day as the encounter continued to rage near his house and people were not allowed to take the body to his house.
While the other slain civilians were taken home and buried by late afternoon Sheikh’s body kept lying right before the eyes of his fiancée.
“His father Abdul Hameed and his mother were deprived of a look of their dead son for hours,” a relative said, “Knowing your son is dead and not being able to see his body is what no parent should endure in his life.”