‘Committees’ under DIGs to monitor drug-peddling cases

‘Committees’ under DIGs to monitor drug-peddling cases
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SRINAGAR: The Jammu and Kashmir Police have formed committees to monitor and examine the trial cases of all apprehended drug peddlers to prevent them from going scot free. Previously, drug peddlers’ cases were handled at the local level in the police hierarchy; now, before the cases land in court, they will have to go through the committees.
A top police official who has been dealing with these cases told Kashmir Reader on condition of anonymity that these committees would be headed by Deputy Inspectors General (DIGs) and will take care of cases against drug peddlers in the most professional way.
“There are general misconceptions about drug peddler cases. Then there are also interpretations of law. So, to make the cases more professionally strong, DIGs will take care of these themselves to leave less scope for drug peddlers to go scot free,” the official said.
“This step has been taken to make sure that the drug peddling menace comes to an end,” said another police official.
He said that apprehending a drug peddler takes a lot of work, but there is every chance that the miscreant may go scot free due to misinterpretation of the law. This has led to only a minuscule drop in the menace of drug abuse.
“Major reasons for the drug menace are these drug peddlers, who first make drugs available free, and when a person becomes an addict, sell the same narcotics at exorbitant prices. To bring an end to this menace, we have to get peddlers arrested and prosecute them as per the law to give them the highest punishment. This is possible only when the cases are professionally tight. If we achieve this, there will a considerable check on the drug menace’s spread,” the police official said.
Former health minister Lal Singh had said that it was not unemployment but the J&K Police which was responsible for increasing drug abuse in Kashmir. Speaking in the assembly, Singh had said that drugs were not spread by unemployment but by a weak SHO. He suggested that the police need to focus on arresting ‘the source’ providing drugs, not addicts.
The police official that Kashmir Reader spoke to said that the committees have been formed not due to any pressure, but through routine correction that the department makes from time to time.