Fundamental Complexity

Fundamental Complexity
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It was only a few days ago that an advisory was issues by a department of the administration about the real possibility of drought in Kashmir. The reasons pertained to a sustained dry spell and attendant weather conditions in the vale. While it might not have been out of place to issue the advisory given the nature of weather and climactic conditions here which included an almost dry winter, but now after a “damp and wet spell” since the past few days, the prognostication and advisory seems out of place. All this is not to impugn or call into question the advisory but merely to put into perspective the nature of nature, not merely in Kashmir, but broadly speaking, the entire globe. Both the real and apparent reasons of bizarre and unusual weather patterns-local, regional and global pertain to Climate Change and its concomitant, Global Warming. There is an element of human instrumentality and agency involved in causing both. For instance, in the “mad” scramble for economic growth, industrialization and development, nations and societies have marauded the natural environment and the ecology leading to emissions and other related issues that have disturbed the natural ecological balance of the earth. Besides these manmade causes, there are other reasons for these phenomena. Moreover, while science whose bedrock is reason and rationality has made stupendous advances and these advances have also meant voyaging into the domain of making predictions and prognostications, the fact remains that there are larger and Divine forces that actually are grander and larger than science. The aim here is not to venture into the domain of theology but again to get a perspective and handle on the nature of the cosmos and the universe, which includes the earth, axiomatically. In making a fetish out of science, the existence of larger Divine forces is sometimes overlooked by some people. The point here is not to demean and denigrate science. Science definitely has a role in the affairs of mankind and its role in the progress (at times, even regress, like the conditions of war aided by science), cannot be ignored. But, a perspective grounded in sobriety and prudence is and should be a concomitant of science and progress thereof. The prediction and advisory that pointed out towards a drought in Kashmir merely underscores the point. The cosmos is too complex and defined by such fundamental issues and uncertainties that it is not within the grasp of the human mind, regardless of the progress made. There is, has been and will always be an Ultimate Reality (God), that we must, with all due humility and gratitude turn towards.

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