Villagers helping rebuild house, says Kachdora family

Villagers helping rebuild house, says Kachdora family
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Took no money from slain militant’s father

SHOPIAN: The family left homeless after last week’s gunfight at Kachdora village has dispelled rumours that family of a militant killed in the gunfight paid money to them for rebuilding the house.
The villagers of Kachdora have taken the responsibility of rebuilding the house, they said. Five local militants were trapped and killed on April 1 in the house which was razed to ground by government forces.
Niyaz Ahmad Lone, the house owner said they don’t need any help from outside the village.
“Our neighbors and villagers took the responsibility of our family and we don’t need any kind of help from outside our village,” Lone said adding that they “don’t feel homeless” because the villagers came to help them with every kind of support whether monetary or otherwise.
Dispelling the rumour that a slain militant’s family has offered them money, Lone said.
“No, it was circulated by some unknown persons on social media. We are rejecting this claim and we need no help from anyone outside our village.”
The family of the militant has also refuted the news.
Suhaib Ahmad, brother of slain militant, whose family is said to have offered Rs eight lakh to Lones said.
“The question of offering money doesn’t arise, we have even met them yet,” Suhaib said adding that some rumour mongers spread the news on social media.
Sabzar Ahmad, a resident of Kachdora, told Kashmir Reader that villagers have taken the initiative to take all responsibilities of the Lone family.
“Thank Allah, Allah has given us everything and we are able to build new house for our neighbour,” Sabzar said.
Without mentioning the amount the villagers raised, he said that they even didn’t allow outsiders who voluntarily tried to collect money on the next day of the gunfight.
The 13 member Lone family is living in a neighbour’s house since the day their house was razed.
Riyaz Ahmad, a villager told Kashmir Reader, that apart from the house, the family orchard on the rear side of house was also damaged in the massive shelling by government forces.