KUSU terms ‘Rubaru’ a ‘political-psychological narrative operation’ against Kashmiri youth

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The Kashmir University Students Union (KUSU) on Monday came down heavily on the recent event in a top Srinagar hotel and termed it a “political-psychological narrative operation against the youth of Kashmir”.
The statement issued by the KUSU reads, “The recent event at an elite hotel in Srinagar, where a cross-section of collaborator class was speaking, as well as ‘student activists’ who seem to be seeking a role within that collaborator political elite, was a display of political-psychological ‘narrative’ operations against the youth of Kashmir. In the backdrop of renewed youth protests against killings in Kashmir, where the brave and inspiring students of Kashmir once again displayed their resolve and determination against repression and occupation, this event said it was an initiative ‘for betterment and development’. The speakers were a selection of people involved directly in operations against these resisting youths, and politician aspirants to the collaborator class. The aim of these events is not to ‘show a path forwards’ but to ‘take the occupation forward’ and ‘make it better’ by trying to hide its ugliness, by trying to get youths of Kashmir interested in collaborator power (called ‘governance’). This is meant to try and coerce and entice our younger generation into abandoning their just and ethical struggle against oppression and barbarity.”
Indirectly referring to the “Rubaru” event that was organized by “Sunrise in Kashmir” organization titled: Kashmir, the way forward, at the posh Taj Vivanta hotel, the statement added that in recent years, the “war of the Indian state” on the people of Jammu & Kashmir has especially targeted the youth component of our society. “The occupying forces have rivalled and often surpassed the brutality, displayed by Israeli occupation forces against Palestinians, who, like Kashmiris, are demanding an end to the occupation. Hundreds of our youngsters are killed, deliberately blinded, jailed, tortured, beaten and persecuted for their political beliefs and the desire for freedom, which is their birthright. At the same time, another aspect of this renewed war is political-psychological ‘narrative’ operations against the youth of Kashmir. This is not only undertaken directly by the occupation forces in Sadhbavana operations but by the collaborator regime at the state level. And sometimes by groups and NGOs operating under the guise of ‘indian civil society’ or ‘think-tanks’.”
The event saw a participation from all the unionist parties of Kashmir and a few students including the former JNU students union Vice President Shehla Rashid Shora. Others who participated include, PDP Youth president Waheed-ur-Rehman Parra, National Conference spokesperson Junaid Matto, JKNC youth leader Salman Sagar, JKPDP youth spokesperson, Najam-us-Saqib, journalist Gowhar Geelani, Political analyst Inam-un-Nabi etc.
The KUSU statement said that the people who spoke at the event were trying to make themselves relevant by appearing to speak against injustice in Kashmir.
“We should not be surprised that some of the speakers at this event (directly and indirectly promoted by the collaborator state regime) tried to make themselves relevant first by appearing to speak against injustice and oppression in Kashmir. That is by now an old trick: to entice younger generations by appearing to speak for them, in their own language, only to try and turn the energies and focus of youth away from the sacred and moral cause of resistance. This is the only difference between youth-oriented ‘programmes’ directly held by occupying forces and the ones conducted by these so-called ‘civil’ groups. They want to make us believe ‘the system’ can work ‘better’; but forget to tell us this system is only and only based on crushing our bodies and minds so we stop demanding and fighting for our birthright of freedom. They try to hide the fact that this system has never been, and can never be, anything else other than brutality, humiliation and oppression for Kashmiris.”
Kashmir University Students’ Union [KUSU] reminded the organizers and participants of the event that the youth of Kashmir has never been deceived by these strategies. “And by now, we are also used to such attempts and even more aware of the multi-facet aspects of the war being waged against the just and sacred cause of freedom of Kashmir. We also urge our valiant sisters and brothers to guard against such attempts and remain ever vigilant.”