JKDFP, NF remember victims

SRINAGAR: Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) has paid tributes to “unarmed civilians” who lost their lives in central Kashmir’s Budgam district this day last year when the “men in uniform opened fire on protesters for boycotting the Indian elections”. The party also remembered the “shameful act” of using Farooq Ahmad Dar as human shield by Indian Army in the same district and said that Kashmiri people are being insulted and punished collectively for their outlook of freedom. It reiterated that sacrifices of the people like of Budgam will be safeguarded at any cost. The party also remembered a 20-year-old Umer Farooq Ganie of Baroosa Ganderbal, who was “mercilessly” killed by Indian forces on the same day. A party spokesperson in a statement said, “Killing spree which started three decades before in Kashmir has not ended and India is on path of genocide in the disputed region to kill and crush the freedom struggle of the people of Kashmir.” He stressed upon international human rights organisations to come to rescue of Kashmiri people “who are being massacred only for demanding their political rights”. The spokesperson hailed the people of central Kashmir for “exhibiting freedom sentiment by observing complete boycott of last year’s so called elections and showing the world that Kashmiris cannot be befooled any more in the name of elections”. “The atrocities and tyranny cannot resolve the long pending dispute of Kashmir, so New Delhi must come forward with a political package which can create an atmosphere to hold a free and fair plebiscite in the disputed region as promised by the United Nations and endorsed by India,” JKDFP said. Jammu Kashmir National Front also remembered “all those who were killed mercilessly last year by Indian occupied forces” in Budgam “in order to punish Kashmiri people for their incredible election boycott”. A National Front statement issued here said, “Indian forces have made every inch of the disputed region red with the precious blood of our great martyrs. Our martyrs have scripted our freedom with their blood and the roads from Kupwara to Lakhanpore are witness to the great sacrifices of our martyrs.” “India is on path of bloodshed in Kashmir for decades together but it has completely failed to kill and crush our freedom struggle. Kashmiri people have not given up their demand. New Delhi used genocide, filled jails and interrogation centres and showered bullets but failed desperately in killing our freedom aspirations,” the statement said.