Climate Change and Global Warming

Climate Change and Global Warming
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Climate change is real. The phenomenon, which leads to global warming, is global and affects all regions of the world, in different permutations and combinations, has gradually but inexorably become real for Kashmir too. This can be adduced from the bizarre and peculiar weather patterns here ranging from snowfall when expected least or lack of it, the patterns of rainfall and even the nature of the summer heat. While the term and phenomenon of climate change has become part of popular vocabulary, but not much is actually known about it. So, what is climate change? According to Wikipedia, “Climate change is a change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns when that change lasts for an extended period of time (i.e., decades to millions of years). Climate change may refer to a change in average weather conditions, or in the time variation of weather within the context of longer-term average conditions. Climate change is caused by factors such as biotic processes, variations in solar radiation received by Earth, plate tectonics, and volcanic eruptions. Certain human activities have been identified as primary causes of ongoing climate change, often referred to as global warming”( The operative context and terms here are human activities that cause the phenomenon. Among these are industrial and other forms of Carbon Dioxide emissions, inappropriate and haphazard land use, environmental degradation, deforestation and form of ecological disturbance. We, in Kashmir, are all familiar with these disturbances and, in some way or the other, are implicated in these. The result is that we have winters that are unusual and even abnormal; rainfall patterns are erratic and summers hotter than usual. These alarming trends are only set to grow and increase with the passage of time unless preventative measures are taken immediately. One immediate step is the consciousness and awareness of climate change. Once this awareness becomes broad based, other measures, at personal and collective levels, need to be taken to ameliorate these disturbing trends. We are, in the ultimate, analysis, all stakeholders in our ecological systems and the environment and we must see ourselves as involved stakeholders and do our but to improve extant conditions. At individual levels, we must do as much as we can to contribute to the amelioration of the environment like minimizing use of private transport, prudent use of land, and reduce waste. This effort can be complemented by other macro measures which minimize environmental disruption. Climate change induced global warming is real and it is happening now. Let us today resolve to do our bit to stem its tide.

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