Buddhist era statue found in Uri

Buddhist era statue found in Uri
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Baramulla: A Buddhist era statue was found in Lachipora area of Uri during the digging of a drain by labourers for a pipeline project last month.
Official sources said that a group of labours found the Buddhist era statue during the digging of drain along the line of control.
Police took the statue under their custody after they were informed by the labourers about the discovery.
Police said that they took statue into their custody for further verification, however, they said the stone statue around 80 kg of weight is in good condition.
Police officials also said that they informed the Archaeology Survey of India (ASI) about the statue for its proper preservation.
It is pertinent to mention here that Kashmir has been one of the most important centres ofBuddhism. Buddhism was an important part of the classical Kashmiri culture, as is reflected in the Nilamata Purana and the Kalhana’s Rajtarangini.
Buddhism is generally believed to have become dominant in Kashmir in the time of Emperor Ashoka, although it was widespread there long before his time. It enjoyed the patronage not only of the Buddhist rulers but of Hindu and early Muslim rulers too.
From Kashmir, it spread to the neighbouring Ladakh. Accounts of patronage of Buddhism by the rulers of Kashmir are found in the Rajatarangini and also in the accounts of three Chinese visitors during 630-760 CE to Kashmir.
Although Buddhism declined in the Kashmir valley, it continues to flourish in the Ladakh region.