Life Suggestion(s): Play your Part, Perform your Role and then go

Life Suggestion(s): Play your Part, Perform your Role and then go
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By Fayaz Ganie

Play your part; perform your role and go. Play the part at least to the minimum level of satisfaction and perform the role by going as near to perfection as possible. Life is but a game, it is a drama full of sentiments and sensations. There is tragedy in it and there are comic characters. But, when life is tragedy and when it is comedy can never be easily forecast, there is suspense and unpredictability about it. In sum, we can state that life is a conglomerate, and a combination, of extremes but what turn life takes, and to what extreme it goes, cannot be predicted. It is predictable in its unpredictability and unpredictable in its predictability.
Taking everything into consideration, life is in living to the fullest whatever the circumstances. Before the angel of death makes a living person a death body, life needs to be lived as it ought to be lived. The breaths that flow so rhythmically will one day cease to do so, at this very extent or in hundred years, they will stop flowing anyhow. Hence, the wisdom is in remembering death always and every time and never giving up living before death. There is a purpose in human life and there is a purpose of human life and we must try to accomplish both the purposes.
One can play one’s role as long as the breaths are flowing; the limbs are moving and the heart is beating. Once the breaths cease to flow and heart stops beating and the limbs become rigid, no role can be performed and no part played. So, the first thing to do is to value the living state and making optimum use of the available resources. This needs to be done before the degradation and deterioration of body cells, muscles and bones sets in. No achievement can be made by a dead body and no good can be accomplished by a lifeless person.
About the roles man has many to perform during a life time. The roles are for self, they are for family, society, country and the world as a whole. A man or woman is successful who plays these roles to the best of his or her abilities. One who invests his or her energy, time and resources wisely to accomplish all these roles can be said to have attained the status, and stature of a real, and a successful person. But not all are successful in doing that, majority fail in their endeavors.
There are failures associated with the efforts that a person invests towards playing his or multifaceted roles. There are discouragements and the circumstances that prove not conductive most of the times. Above all, there is the fear that a person has about failures and difficulty of circumstances. In fact, this is the biggest hurdle and biggest stumbling block in one’s way. No force, person or agency can convince a person to perform his or her role, and succeed, who is not ready to begin performing that role.
Success in life is in performing each role well. The wrong notion that success is only in achieving a high professional post, a position of power and prestige should be shunned. These are parts of success but they do not constitute the entire edifice of success. Success literally is the performance of one’s role and part as per the best abilities and capabilities of a person. It is in performing different roles at different times and levels which must fully correspond with the requirements of those times and levels.
The big impediment in playing these roles is inability of a person to try. The fear of failure makes the minds, muscles and bodies of people numb and prevent them from accomplishing anything. Their tendency to remain safe, secure and successful at all the times stops them from taking the first step. When the thought of failure comes they simply prefer safety as against success. Fear is the reason which keeps many able men and women in a state of wanting, and wandering, in their lives; they never start and never reach anywhere. They remain at the bottom of the societal hierarchy and play none of the roles well. They are a burden wherever they go.
Now, the question is: how a person can perform the diverse roles at all the levels? To this it can be said that the person must begin at the lowest level and perform his or her role well there and thence, when opportunities come to perform his or her role at the higher levels of human association, he should genuinely act in the same manner by making the best use of his capabilities, talents and skill set. A person who performs the role well at the lowest level is simultaneously playing his role satisfactorily at the higher levels without consciously trying to do so.
A good family person is a good member of a society most of the times. A socially conscious person is a good citizen and a good citizen of a country could also be a good global citizen. The least a person can do is to become a good member of the family to which he belongs. By doing this that person satisfies the minimum requirement of being an important member of all the other human associations from the lowest to the highest.
Most of the times while trying to become good members of society, we end up neglecting our families. While trying to be a good citizen of a country we undermine the human associations at the lower levels. And, while trying to become global citizen we forget all the other associations. This is a wrong approach which must be abandoned if we seriously, and sincerely, want to achieve something for us and the world around in real sense.
Before doing all this, we must try to be self-sufficient and self reliant. Self sufficiency and self reliance here does not mean that we must be able to survive on our own without the aid and assistance of any fellow human being. It rather means in equipping ourselves with proper knowledge and information and gaining and fine tuning a skill set which could aid us to deal with the difficulties of life with ease. With these skills and knowledge we can exchange the products produced out of our work or could help ourselves to make available the exchangeable commodities necessary for a successful life.
At the same time, we must be conscious of the responsibilities to enable others perform their roles to the desired and optimum levels. At times, we encroach upon regions and realms which genuinely belong to others thereby preventing them from performing what they are duty bound to do. We should desist from getting entangled in all such attempts.
The people who perform their roles and help others in performing theirs become socially conscious and responsible members of society. They are citizens in the real sense who are genuinely interested in the interests their country. They are true global citizens who want the good of the entire human race. These people put plans in place to achieve objectives and goals at all the levels of human association. If some schemes are not working they formulate the alternative and workable ones.
They prevent a society from falling apart and keep it within the bounds of moral and ethical standards. If the government deviates from the promised and primary tasks, such people make the authorities at the helm of affairs aware about the adverse public opinion and if the governors remain adamant in the state of irresponsibility, they protest and try their best to accomplish the task of governing a state or a country well. Such conscious people make all their moves towards the direction of honorable existence of the world and sustenance of the human race. Nothing is dearer to them than the collective well being of the human species and ensuring that their part is played and roles performed to the best of their capabilities.
Life is short; it turns out too short at times. We have to live before it ends; we have to live to the fullest. The roles and part that we have to play on account of we being human must be played. No fear should stop us and no discouragement should discourage us. We have to realize the value and worth of being alive. Everything can be achieved during this period if the resources, time and energy are utilized well and make the word a better and beautiful place to live in.
Life has thrust a role upon us and on the arena and stage of life we have to perform that role. When we opt for the role and invest due thought process, fully supported by the acts, in it we can be successful at all the levels of our existence. Death will come one day, we have to go to the world unknown beyond death but the right way to do is to perform our role, play our part and then go.

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