AMU students rally against ‘atrocities’ in Kashmir

AMU students rally against ‘atrocities’ in Kashmir
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SRINAGAR: Aligarh Muslim University Students Union (AMUSU) organised a peaceful protest rally after Friday prayers against the oppression and innocent killing in Kashmir.
A statement issued here by the AMUSU said the rally started from University Jamia Masjid to University Circle in a peaceful way.
“Students were carrying placards and banners and raised slogans against the presence of AFSPA and use of pellet guns in Kashmir. They also raised slogans for justice in Kashmir and justice for the pellet victims,” the statement said.
Vice president AMUSU Sajad Subhan Rather criticised the government of India for “oppressing” Kashmiris on daily basis. He demanded plebiscite and said India should fulfil the promise of Jawaharlal Nehru to Kashmiris.
Sajad also criticised media for being “biased and corrupt”, saying everyday killings and unrest should end. Secretary AMUSU Mohd Fahad said that government of India has failed in delivering justice to people of Kashmir.
“Government has totally failed in Kashmir. India is claiming Kashmir to be its integral part but they should also claim Kashmiris to be their integral part. Government is always talking about bringing peace in Kashmir but it will not come with bullets and pellets,” Fahad said.
“The present government is targeting Muslims everywhere and if they protest against the injustice they are being labelled as anti-nationals,” Fahad said. “Government should first prove its own nationalism then talk about ours.”
Hafiz Waseem, a senior Kashmiri student, also criticised the government for “oppressing” Kashmiris in every possible way. He appreciated the AMUSU for organising the rally.
“This rally wasn’t possible in Kashmir because forces would have attacked us with pellets, teargas shells and bullets till now. They are suppressing our voice in Kashmir; they don’t give us any chance to show the world how Indian government is oppressing Kashmiris,” the AMUSU Secretary said and strongly condemned the use of pellets and bullets inside the educational institutes in Kashmir.
“AMUSU has always stood firm against the oppression and atrocities happening anywhere in the world and today they also proved their stand,” the statement said.