A new scare in battered Hajin

A new scare in battered Hajin
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Hajin: In this North Kashmir’s Hajin town battered with Ikhwan (Civil militia) before and now militancy from some years; a fresh scare is silently filling the atmosphere.
Two deaths, one very recent by way of abduction at gunpoint and later finding them killed have been blamed on “unknown gunmen” by the family members and police is naming militants affiliated with Lashkar-e-Taiba.
Muzaffar Parray, 26, son of Farooq Ahmad Parray is the first case of such death after militants took over Hajin. He was found decapitated with hands tied behind the back near the Jehlum river bank in town peripheries in August last year.
However, the misery of this family was prolonged when on late Monday of April 2, according to a relative, “gunmen” barged into the same house and abducted Farooqs’ son in law, Naseer Ahamd Sheikh, 23. He was found the next day dead by farmers in an orchard of a nearby village with a gunshot wound in the waist.
Only a day after gunmen abducted and killed Naseer, they again picked up a father-son duo on late Wednesday night.
The family members who are grief stricken said that two gunmen sneeked into their house at 11:30pm in the night and picked up their father, Abdul Gaffar Bhat and brother, Manzoor Ahmad Bhat, 27 from bed. “It was dark as they were being pulled out, we raised hue and cry and pleaded to spare them, but they locked us up inside the room, and all the lights were put off,” Manzoor’s sisters shared.
“His elder brother is out for studies, so it was his two sisters, aged 22 and 24 and mother besides Manzoor and his father in the house when militant sneeked into the house,” a relative shared.
An elderly neighbour shared “that they have had heard gunshots in the night and in wee hours came to know that unknown gunmen had barged into the house and abducted Manzoor.”
“As they were being taken out by two to three militants accompanied by the local recruit, Manzoor’s father was successful to break out and escape from their clutches despite being fired upon”. Senior superintendent of police, Sheikh Zulfikar said.
He added that a bullet had grazed Gaffar while making the escape.
According to Zulfikar, same group of militants was responsible in carrying out this abduction who killed Naseer on Tuesday.
Though the police said it was looking for the leads to trace out Manzoors where abouts, the reason behind creating this fear psychosis was not known.
The police officials, however, on asking maintained that “they will be sooner able to find out the plot behind it laid by the militants for carrying such activities in the town.”
As the unending wails keep coming out of this small one story house in Bounkhan village of the town, a small Shamiyana which has been erected in the lawn waits for Manzoors return, not known weather alive or dead in a coffin.

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  1. Kathleen Rodgers   April 7, 2018 at 4:53 pm

    So sorry to hear about those terrible abductions @killings its not humain .god help all them All.