Protests against killings rock Kashmir University

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Srinagar: Protests rocked Kashmir University on Thursday after students from various departments raised anti India slogans while condemning the Shopian killings by government forces on Sunday last.
Students protested over civilian and militant killings in south Kashmir’s Shopian.
“Bloodshed is on peak and there is no one who could put a break on oppression. Unfortunately it is Kashmiris who are on the receiving side always. We can’t see our brothers dying day in day out,” the protesters lamented.
Students from different departments gathered near business school and went through the campus raising anti India and pro freedom slogans. They finally gathered near the humanities block and voiced their feelings.
“We want university authorities to frame a group of competent officials to act as a pressure group to impress upon the Government mend its approach towards Kashmiri people. Day in and out we are being killed, maimed and beaten. We want university to play its role for society. We want them to raise their voice against atrocities perpetrated on people of Kashmir,” said a group of students.