Our youth our future, their killing ‘extremely painful’, says Mirwaiz

Our youth our future, their killing ‘extremely painful’, says Mirwaiz
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SRINAGAR: Chairman of his faction of Hurriyat Conference Mirwaiz Umar Farooq termed it “extremely painful” that the bright kids of Kashmir leave their studies and dreams on seeing oppression and injustice perpetuated upon them by New Delhi.
“What they (youth have) seen since childhood is Kashmir converted into a large military garrison and battleground with lakhs of troops stationed here where every form of dissent is choked by might and repression,” Mirwaiz told reporters outside his Nigeen residence as he tried to march towards Shopian. He was however detained by police.
Mirwaiz said it is a sad reality that not a single concern or protest was expressed by any of India’s humanists, rights activists, civil society members or writers, over the brutal killing of Kashmiris.
“They have closed their eyes and ears to the injustices and atrocities being committed here and no one among them wants to question it,” Mirwaiz said.
He said more than 18 people, mostly boys, have been killed in the last few days. “These young boys are the future of this land. When these boys, who are barely even trained in combat, are killed by blowing up houses where they are trapped and their charred bodies are retrieved, people cannot control their emotions and in their love for them, come out in lakhs to pay homage to them.”
“Again, military might is put into place and these civilian protestors are shot at with live bullets and pellets leading to their brutal death and severe injury. People are maimed and pellets guns used to blind them. What kind of inhumanity is this, how can India claim to be a democracy; is this the way to respond to people’s dissent and demand for the resolution of dispute that you decide to wipe out our entire young generation?” Mirwaiz asked.
Mirwaiz said New Delhi repeatedly says Kashmir is integral part of India. “It’s the land of Kashmir that they want to keep grabbed by forcible control while the people of Kashmir are the impediment to them.”
“Let me tell them that Kashmir is no one’s integral part. It belongs to the people of Kashmir and it is our fundamental right to decide our future and destiny. The people of Kashmir are giving supreme scarifies for this cause. No amount of might will break our resolve nor will propaganda, lies and fake narratives. Kashmir was and is a dispute that has to be resolved (by giving its people) the right to self-determination,” he said.
“While our current condition is the result of New Delhi’s obstinacy, the local quislings in the form of PDP and NC are equally responsible. Their lust for power has made them repeatedly compromise the interests of Kashmiris and today we have come to a stage where our fourth generation from 1947 is paying the price of their lust with its blood,” Mirwaiz said.