Family of man arrested as ‘OGW’ contest police claims

Family of man arrested as ‘OGW’ contest police claims
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‘We have nothing to eat, how would we feed militants’

KUNZER: The family of Abdul Majeed Mir, who was arrested by government forces on Friday night, has contested the police claim of Mir being an over ground worker for militants and said that he has been implicated in a false case.
Questioning the accusations of sheltering militants, the family said they had hardly anything to eat for themselves.
According to the family, Majid, a 40-year old labourer, was arrested during a night raid at his home by the government forces on Friday.
“He is innocent,” Majid’s wife Dilshada Begum told Kashmir Reader. “He is not even remotely connected with militancy.”
The family said that at around 3am on Friday, they woke up to loud banging and bellows of army men on their door.
“For a while we did not open the door but when they continued to bang it we were left with no option. As we opened the door they (forces) told us to come out,” Dilshada said.
The government forces, then, started asking questions about militants.
“They told us that where we had hidden the militant. Discounting our denial, the soldiers went searching from room to room,” she said.
“When they found nothing, they told us that we were providing food and shelter to militants,” Dilshada said. “How can we shelter militants when we have nothing to cook for meals and have no space to accommodate our own family?”
The family said that after government forces found nothing in the house, they took Mir along.
“When we resisted they told us that he will show them the way to someone’s home. And assured that he will be back home quickly. But he has not returned home yet,” she said.
Dishada said that after Mir failed to return for two days she started asking around for this whereabouts.
“Someone told me that he has been arrested on basis of acting as over ground worker and is lodged at SOG camp Pattan. I met him on Sunday at Pattan but his condition is very critical. He has been tortured and thrashed by them,” she said.
Apart from his wife and daughter, Majeed’s family comprises of a physically challenged sister, a younger brother and an ailing uncle.
Mohammad Ashraf Mir, his younger brother, a shawl weaver, said that the family was fully dependent dependent on Majeed.
Dishada told Reader that they slept hungry for two nights.
“We have nothing to cook for the dinner and have nothing to eat,” she said.
Majeed’s ailing uncle, lying on a bed, is not able to move as he is suffering from an acute kidney problem and has to take medicines on daily basis.
“We have no money to buy medicines for him,” Ashraf said.
“We want immediate release of our brother as he is innocent and is not involved in any militant case,” he said.
SSP Baramulla Imtiyaz Hussain told Kashmir Reader that Majeed has been “acting as over ground worker” and “is involved in providing food and shelter to militants”.