And, the ‘’Vicious’’ Cycle Continues…

And, the ‘’Vicious’’ Cycle Continues…
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Nazim Humayoon

On the First day of the very new month when I and scores others were preparing to start a bright, and a beautiful sunny spring day with multiple engagements for the day, destiny had something brutal and tragic written for us. What was being witnessed during a past few weeks of spring in Kashmir the scenes of Joy and happiness as people were seen thronging the various places like ‘’Badam Vaer’’ to celebrate and enjoy the advent of spring. A pall of gloom and anger was witnessed among the people as soon as the news about killings spread. This time it was not one or two in number but had risen manifold. Nothing new was to be predicted as each one of us knows what would follow next. As usual first thing what was done was the internet curfew which is the latest tactic followed to “prevent” the spreading of rumours. Did shutting the internet for 100 days do any good in 2016 when we witnessed more than 100 civilian killings, a year of melancholy which no Kashmiri can ever forget?
After the digital curfew, there are restrictions imposed in various areas to maintain “law’’ and ‘’order’’ situation. We all know how much law and order has been maintained by the said imposition. Next, come the ‘’Hartal’’ calls and for a day or two (maybe three this remains a good tactic to be followed). What after that? We all forget the brutal happenings and start our daily doings once again. We, as humans, ought to!
A temporary normalcy returns in our lives and we do not know when the cycle would start again. Debates on news channels are aired as ‘’primetime’’ to earn TRP’s. Statements such as ‘’SOP’s need to be followed’’ are released which all of us consider nothing but a mockery. The issuance of these statements and others like ‘’unfortunate killings’’ amount to ‘’pseudo grief’’. These tragic and remorseful eventualities will continue till the unconcluded and unresolved ‘’K” issue is resolved conclusively. Is there anyone who really cares for us? Will restricting internet speed and imposing restrictions on the movement of people solve such a critical and larger than life issue which is pending since decades? Death hovers over Kashmir like a shadow.
Who will kill the dreadful memories of these killings? Who will kill the ideology of masses? Day by day, we are getting used to these events and have made ourselves adapted to this unfortunate and remorseful style of livelihood. Words like ‘’pellets’’, ‘’killings’’, ‘’injured’’, ‘’bullets’’, ‘’tear gas’’, ‘’pepper gas’’, ‘’curfew’’, “shutdown’’, ‘’hartals’’, ‘’ house arrest’’ have become part and parcel of our daily lives(and lexicon) and continue to haunt us. We all are involved directly or indirectly in this disturbed state of affairs and we cannot run away from it. Don’t we have a right to live our lives happily and merrily?

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