Shaky Premise

Shaky Premise
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The operating premise of powers that be in Jammu and Kashmir that the use of fatal force in dealing with the manifestation of the conflict in and over Kashmir rests on shaky and tenuous grounds. The reasons are obvious and commonsensical. First and foremost, by way of an analogy, the law of physics, which states that there is a reaction to every action becomes operative here. Moreover, nothing, in this universe, exists and/or operates in a vacuum. There is always a context and other factors that give rise to and beget a phenomenon. These general and generic remarks hold for and in the domain of politics, with Kashmir not being an exception to the norm. The question is: what is the context in Kashmir that begets, bluntly put, militancy here? The answer is as obvious as it gets: the context is in the nature of the conflict in and over Kashmir and its various dimensions and avatars. But, powers that be elide and gloss over this fundamental reality and thrust their own conceptual and operative gird over it. The result is the maintenance of a certain status quo complemented by a very fluid, uncertain and volatile conditions within Kashmir. This appears to be tolerable price for these powers that be. However, this approach and attitude is as short sighted as can be. Inherent to this approach is not only prolongation of the conflict but its intensification. Conflict intensification also means conflict escalation. Once, generally speaking, conflicts escalate, it becomes well nigh impossible to control these; the attendant conditions can become so fluid that these can evolve into something even more dreadful. An overly militarized approach to the conflict in and over Kashmir carries this potential. This, it needs to be pointed out, is not an alarmist scenario; it is in the nature of a cautionary suggestion. All this begets the question: what then is the “right” approach towards the conflict? The conflict in and over Kashmir has, over the years, acquired complex over and undertones but the fact of the matter is that these complexities have emerged after the conflict got prolonged. The primary and first step is to cut this morass of complexities which can be done by accepting the political nature of the conflict and devising a political approach to deal with it, in consonance with the needs, interests and aspirations of all stakeholders. The rest is mere corollary.

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