Make Kashmir national issue: Aasiya to Pak

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SRINAGAR: Chairperson Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Tuesday said while it was a good sign that government of Pakistan has declared April 6 as Kashmir Solidarity Day, it was mandatory for Pakistan to make Kashmir dispute as its national issue.
“Pakistan must not confine this solidarity to a single day but should make Kashmir issue its national issue that needs to be resolved,” Andrabi said in a statement.
She said that Pakistan cannot afford to ignore Kashmir while Indian forces commit “massacre after massacre” in Kashmir.
“The government of Pakistan shouldn’t forget its responsibility vis-à-vis Kashmir and shouldn’t react only when massacres like the one in south Kashmir on Sunday was perpetrated,” she said. “When the Kashmir issue will be made and pursued as a national cause, Pakistan too will be able to have a direct say in Kashmir affairs.”
“India, based on its lies and propaganda, has made its position strong. Why is it that despite being on the right path, Pakistan is not able to make its position on Kashmir strong and noteworthy,” she asked.
“The only reason is that Pakistan doesn’t consider and pursue Kashmir as its national issue. The need is that the government of Pakistan, its political parties and its media should consider and then work on it like a national issue. Only then Kashmir’s case will become stronger,” Aasiya said.
DeM chief said that Pakistan should forget the role of Kashmir Committee. “This committee is defunct and is not only hurting the political cause but is also costing us economically. My suggestion to Pakistan would be it should form an international diplomatic front on Kashmir which should be led a person who has the capability to highlight Kashmir issue in its historical real context across the world and should be able to expose Indian conspiracies and propaganda at international level and garner support for resolution of Kashmir issue as per the aspiration of people of Kashmir,” she said.
She said if such a thing is done, Pakistan will be able to counter “Indian lies”.