Kashmir only place where pellets used: Bar

Kashmir only place where pellets used: Bar
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‘Indian forces show scant respect for int’l laws, declarations and kill Kashmiris with impunity’

SRINAGAR: J&K High Court Bar Association Srinagar has expressed serious concern over the use of bullets and pellets to suppress and subjugate the people of Kashmir and on the silence maintained by the international community over the use of such “barbaric and brutal force”.
In a statement, Bar said, “Going by the press reports, out of about 200 Kashmiris, who received pellet injuries, during the past two days at Shopian and other places, 41 young innocents, have been admitted in SMHS Hospital Srinagar because of pellet injuries in their one or both eyes, are facing vision loss.”
“Though it is manifest that Indian forces are engaged in a systematic genocide of the people of Kashmir and they don’t hesitate in killing or blinding, yet the world community is not coming to the rescue of the people of Kashmir and are not stopping Indian forces from killing, blinding or maiming them in a barbaric and ruthless manner and instead are watching the scenario as mute spectator, which is highly reprehensible.”
To stop the use of pellets in Kashmir, the Bar Association said it had filed a petition in the J&K High Court at Srinagar, “which refused to stop the use of pellets in Kashmir”.
As such, the Bar approached the Indian Supreme Court in October 2016 praying to it that the order passed by the J&K High Court on 21.09.2016 be set aside and the ruthless forces be restrained from using the pellet guns as well as any disproportionate force against the people for maintaining the “so-called” law and order.
“But despite hearing the matter, on a dozen of occasions, the Supreme Court, instead of granting the said relief, asked the J&K High Court to consider the prayer of the Bar Association to grant compensation to all those persons who have received pellet injuries and to provide them medical care and even though the matter was listed before the High Court, thereafter, many a times but it did not make any progress.”
The Bar Association maintains that pellets are not used in any part of the world including India as its use is forbidden by the domestic as well as international law.
It said the Declaration of the 8th United Nations Congress on the Prevention Of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders passed at Havana Cuba in 1990 also provides for restraint and minimum damage and injury and to respect and preserve the human life and also to ensure that assistance and medical aid are rendered to any injured and affected person at the earliest possible moment.
“But the Indian State and its ruthless forces have however shown scant respect for these laws and declarations and they are killing the Kashmiri people with impunity under the garb of Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) and Disturbed Areas Act (DDA), which are in force in the State of J&K for the last more than 30 years, only to provide immunity to the ruthless forces in killing, blinding and maiming the innocent people of Kashmir, whose only fault is that they want that the pledges and promises made by the Indian leaders both inside and outside the Indian parliament be fulfilled and the resolutions passed by the United Nations Security Council be respected and implemented by giving them the right of self-determination,” the Bar Association said.