Glorifying killing of humans shocking: Malik

Glorifying killing of humans shocking: Malik
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SRINAGAR: “When killing humans is glorified and becomes normal for officers in uniform, the situation can only be termed as deplorable,” said Jammu Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday.
Malik, who was detained and shifted to central jail Srinagar early morning, in a statement, said, “Pushing Kashmiri youth to the wall, killing them with impunity, and then issuing advises and threats, is nothing but state sponsored terrorism.”
“Kashmiris are being massacred by Indian occupation with impunity and no one in the world seems to bother on this spilling of human blood. When killing humans becomes a glorified act and is termed as special day by officers in uniform, it can only be termed as shocking and barbarity,” JKLF chairman said. “Indian occupational forces, police and other agencies on the orders of their political masters are continuing genocide in Kashmir and feel proud after killing small kids and unarmed men and women. This is no bravery but utmost cowardice over which only those who have lost human instinct and conscience can feel proud and boastful.”
Malik said Kashmiri youth have been pushed to arms by excesses of police, army and forces. “And today, after killing many of them, same people are issuing advises and threats to intimidate us which is nothing but Hitlerism,” he said.
Terming one of the slain youth Zubair Ahmad Turray as a classic example of how Indian rulers, their Kashmiri “stooges”, police and civil administration push Kashmiri youth to armed rebellion, JKLF chairman said this young boy was in peaceful political movement and was arrested on the charges of stone pelting.
“He was kept in jail for five long years and repeated PSAs were slapped on him and he virtually grew up in jail. Police time and again used to call his poor parents to police station where they got abuses and humiliations and at times had to spend days in police lockups. Finally this boy was left with no choice but to flee from police custody and join armed rebellion.”
Malik said he had issued many statements on the plight of Zubair Turray but the rulers with “dead conscience” as usual did not pay any heed. “I want to ask those who are pouring advices to us after his martyrdom: who pushed him to the extreme path. Do these people feel any regret? The Indian rulers, their Kashmiri agents, assembly members, police, SOG, army and forces should keep this reality in mind that no nation that has decided to achieve freedom can be cowed down by killings and other military operations. Kashmiris will never surrender before them. They must also know that every tyrant one day has to face the retribution of his crimes against humanity according to the law of retribution.”
Meanwhile, Malik has strongly condemned the arrest of JKLF district president Baramulla Abdul Rashid Magloo.
“Abdul Rashid Magloo was called by police station Kreeri some four days back where he was arrested and incarcerated for no reason. He is still lodged in the said police station,” Malik said.