As Kashmir Stares into an Abyss….

As Kashmir Stares into an Abyss….
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In a place where unnatural death happens often time(s), it is but natural for the people of that place to be in a perpetual mourning mode. This description aptly fits Kashmir. It would not be inaccurate to state that the vale Kashmir also, on account of death hovering over it, is in a perpetual and perhaps indefinite state of mourning. As the conflict in and over Kashmir gets prolonged and as there is no end in sight to the conflict, the approach adapted to deal with it and the overall structural ambiance of the conflict, consumes Kashmir’s young. The killings that happen here neither warrant or merit gloating nor should any side flauntingly boast accolades, for there is nothing to celebrate. If there is anything that Kashmir warrants or even demands, it is introspection premised on sobriety and a sense of proportion. A place that is in a perpetual state of mourning is by no means a “normal” place; a place where uncertainty is the defining norm and where people have factored in violence and death into their psyche is a place which commands empathy. As the attrition, psychological, emotional and physical of Kashmir’s youth takes place in a milieu characterized and even defined structurally and in terms of political emotion by the conflict, it(Kashmir) becomes a place of gloom and doom. This cannot be a condition for some to revel and gloat over because inherent to these structural and psycho emotional conditions are the seeds of future conflict. It is now the third decade of the militarization of the conflict in and over Kashmir. The militarized phase has witnessed ebbs and flows but neither has it dissipated nor has the conflict gone away. It is this very “statistic” or even fact that should and must give pause to people who believe that force can either undercut or be the solvent of the conflict in and over Kashmir. Our young are our future and it is upon their shoulders that the nature and form of Kashmir’s future rests. This is as axiomatic as can be. But, for our young to bloom and thrive, the structuring context defined by the conflict needs to be addressed. But, alas, by merely prolonging the conflict, Kashmir, its people and its youth have only an abyss to stare at. However, this abyss can be converted into, in the least, a blooming field, through robust, sincere and genuine action, the kind which actually makes it an imperative to resolve the conflict, for good, in the interests of all stakeholders and the aspirations of the people.

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