9 days after clashes with PDD, hundreds of villages reel under darkness

9 days after clashes with PDD, hundreds of villages reel under darkness
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BUDGAM: Nine days after clashes broke out between residents of Goom, Ahmadpora villages of Pattan and Power Development Department (PDD) over laying of a second 33kva line through the area, hundreds of villages and major hospitals in the area are reeling under darkness.
Residents of Khag, Beerwah, Magam, Poshker, Narbal, and other villages, who have been reeling under darkness areas for the last nine days, blame PDD for the mess and delay in restoring power lines.
“The officials had assured to restore the power supply within three to four days, after they were provided with security to establish new lines but nine days have passed and we are still living in complete darkness,” Faisal Banday, a resident of Beerwah said.
“No government was serious about our area and this time it seems as if government has totally neglected us. For last nine days we are living in complete darkness without electricity which has turned our life into hell,” he said.
Power supply lines coming from Ahmedpora grid station to Magam were damaged in the clashes on March 23.
The residents protesting the establishment of second 33kv line passing through the area were demanding that the 2nd line be taken through alternative areas as it could prove fatal anytime because of the habitation and the fact that many schools were situated on the link road.
A protest taken out by residents allegedly turned violent after authorities used force to disperse the protestors, resulting in damage to power lines and poles.
Residents reeling under darkness since said they are “living in medieval age with no power, no mobile phones and no connection with outer world”.
“We can’t read or prepare for exams because we have no light at our homes,” another resident said.
The situation is similar at major hospitals and primary health centers as well. Patients prefer to move to Srinagar instead of going to nearby health centers.
A patient from Makhama area of Magam said that he has to use oxygen contractor which totally depends on power.
“It is very costly to hire generator and once light goes off my breath goes off,” he said.
Executive Engineer PDD STD-2 Suhail Murtaza said that the new lines have been established.
“The hurdle was a chinar branch and a walnut tree at Goom. However, we have been given permission to chop them down,” he said.
He added that the power supply would be restored tonight.