Unprotected spraying main cause of cancer epidemic, impotency in Shopian

Unprotected spraying main cause of cancer epidemic, impotency in Shopian
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SHOPIAN: Spraying varied kinds of pesticides, fungicides and insecticides without taking adequate safety measures has taken a heavy toll on the health and lives of orchardists and workers dealing with apple, cherry and pear trees. In Shopian district of south Kashmir, doctors say, the number of cancer patients has alarmingly increased as inhaling fungicides might be one of the main reasons. They said the impotency was another growing health issue in the region.
A doctor from Shopian hospital told Kashmir Reader that people were used to spray different kinds of pesticides without taking safety measures and they inhale a lot of fungicides and insecticides harmful to their lives. “The sprays are cause of different diseases and disorders including lung cancer, stomach cancer. They are a reason for infertility which is alarming in valley, especially in Shopian,” he said.
Insecticides cause neurological disorders and nerve problems, he said. “Those who already have health ailments these kinds of pesticides affect them more and they can have severe complications,” he said.
He suggested to the pregnant ladies and those who have already been hit by diseases that they must not go near the areas where people were spraying pesticides.
Horticulture experts suggest adapting precautionary measures and conducted the different kinds of sprays while applying scientific means. They said that spraying kits are available in the market and that can be beneficial for the people. “These kits include gloves, spectacles, masks, head covers and other equipments which can be used by the orchardists to save their health to a large extent,” pathologist Dr Tariq Rasool said.
He added that spraying pesticides not only have adverse affects on the health of people but also pollutes the environment to large extent.
Horticulture experts said that orchardists should not throw the packing of fungicides and insecticides in or near the water bodies but to make a pit in the orchards where they can dump the packaging.