Safapora girls deprived of chances to pursue higher studies

Safapora girls deprived of chances to pursue higher studies
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Safapora: The residents of Safapora in central Kashmir’s Gaderbal district have alleged that the authorities were hell-bent upon depriving girl students of the area to pursue higher education as their pleas to upgrade the existing girls high school have not been heeded for several decades.
The Government Girls High School Safapora was established in the year 1964 but the successive regimes since then have failed to upgrade it to the higher secondary level.
The girls’ educational institute according to the locals is oldest institution in the area being centrally located between Ganderbal and Bandipora.
The residents of the area have been demanding the up-gradation of the school for a long time but no step has been taken by the officials in this regard.
We have been raising the issue of up gradation of the school for past many years. Local political leaders have several times made promises to get the school upgraded but nothing has been done causing resentment among the villagers,” said father of a schoolgirl.
Ruheena, one of the students of the institution questioned the state government saying the denial to up-gradation has shown hollowness of the claims of Beti Bachao Bati Padhoo scheme.
“How can we study when there was no government girl’s school upto at senior secondary level in the village,” she said.
Civil society members of the area said our girls had to go to Lar or Ganderbal located around 9 and 12km away from here, for post-matric education which creates a sense of insecurity while travelling to the school.
“We will take to streets against the government in case it fails to upgrade the school to higher secondary level,” the civil society members added.