Force and History

Force and History
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Around eleven militants have been killed in Shopian. The killings appear to be part and parcel of a COIN operation that was initiated last year under the rubric of “Operation All Out”. The aim and premise of this particular operation appears to be flushing out militants in Jammu and Kashmir. Pared to the bone, the inference that can be drawn from these goals is that powers that be think that flushing out militancy will resolve the conflict in and over Kashmir. This, however, constitutes flawed and faulty thinking. In the final analysis, militancy in Kashmir is a manifestation of the conflict in and over Kashmir. The causal directions flow from the conflict to militancy. Moreover, the killings of militants merely offer a statistical illusion to powers that be, but the prosaic fact is that a numbers approach will neither lead to the diminishing of militancy in Kashmir nor will it resolve the larger and broader conflict. The centre piece and central focus is the conflict in and over Kashmir. And, it is to the resolution of this conflict that all energies must be focused towards. Taking a broader and larger view of conflicts, in general, no conflict, historically speaking, has been resolved by virtue and dint of mere force. Conflicts get resolved by the application of energy and focus on their resolution; through prudent and dexterous statecraft which in turn should and must be informed by wisdom and sagacity. The conflict in and over Kashmir is no exception to this general norm. A panopticon view of conflicts is a recipe for disaster in the sense of their prolongation and continuation. Given all this, sobriety and prudence demands that instead of raw force, a prudent conflict resolution paradigm be adopted in terms of Kashmir, which should be informed by sobriety, a sense of proportion and wisdom. Broken down, in terms of Kashmir, this should mean developing and crystallizing a robust paradigm of conflict resolution that redounds to the benefit of all stakeholders, including the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Any other option, especially the one that is predicated upon use of force is a mug’s game. It, therefore, behoves upon powers that be to introspect and initiate a sincere and genuine process of conflict resolution that would lead to peace within and without. This is what history lends itself to, suggests and calls for.

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  1. Vipin Chandra   April 2, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Kashmiris are being led to militancy by misguided leaders who really dont want a modern, civilized, social dispensation in Kashmir. The path they have chosen will end up creating a Jihadist monster a la Pakistan.