Every killing proves counterproductive to Delhi’s interests: MLA Rasheed

Every killing proves counterproductive to Delhi’s interests: MLA Rasheed
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SRINAGAR: Expressing shock over killing of “innocent” lives in Shopian and Anantnag areas of south Kashmir, Awami Itihad Party (AIP) president and MLA Langate Er Rasheed has said that every encounter is a setback to the efforts of restoring peace and normalcy in the state.
In a statement, Rasheed said, “Those expecting return of normalcy by killing militants are living in a fool’s paradise and are misleading the entire India. Killing of every militant not only increases alienation but makes Kashmiris realise that New Delhi does not want any political solution to the Kashmir dispute but seems adamant to deal the situation with irony hands.”
He said let New Delhi and its “extension wings” in Kashmir understand that militants in Jammu & Kashmir have a strong public support mainly because of New Delhi’s denial to show its willingness for a meaningful result oriented dialogue. He said neither parents nor a common Kashmiri wishes youth to take arms but the failure of the political leadership in J&K and New Delhi’s arrogance have pushed youth to the wall, thus deteriorating the situation further.
The independent MLA said New Delhi has been instrumental in showing more interest to prove that resistance in Kashmir is a part of global agenda and has shown least interest for reconciliation with sincerity.
“Those militants killed in Shopian and other places today may pose more threat to New Delhi’s interests rather serving any purpose except increasing anger further in Jammu & Kashmir,” Rasheed said, adding that pro-active policies of security agencies may help in killing more militants but in the long run, the gap between New Delhi and Srinagar gets more widened.
“New Delhi and its policymakers may never like to listen the harsh truth that killing Kashmiris just for the reason that they have allegedly picked up the arms, serves no purpose, as every Kashmiri is aware of the fact that despite their not liking youth to join militancy, their sympathies are towards the militants, as majority of Kashmiris are of the opinion that militants are fighting for the resolution of Kashmir dispute and labelling them as terrorists has very few takers in Kashmir.”
MLA Rasheed appealed to “mainstream” parties to understand the consequences of volatile situation in Jammu & Kashmir and persuade New Delhi to resolve Jammu & Kashmir dispute without further delay.