Kashmiri youth develop app to guide students for career options

Kashmiri youth develop app to guide students for career options
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SRINAGAR: Two budding entrepreneurs from the volatile area of south Kashmir have developed an online based application which can help a student to choose better career option based on his potential.
It will also help students to secure admission in top colleges, and develop problem-solving skills for real-world problems.
The system which could be the first of its kind in the world will keep a track of a student on daily basis through an app Ladisha. Students first have to register, chose a specific module, and pay just Rs 30 a month, rest will be managed by the team which will be working on it. After the schooling, a report card will be generated based on the data collected from the student which can tell about his inclination.
“This module has tutorials which will give a student what he has to study. It will encompass the entire syllabus. His progress will be monitored through monthly tests, projects and interviews. This data will be saved for regular analysis. The analytics will be generated from weekly tests, case studies & practical projects. Its interpretation will be then showed to a student,” said Rouf Bashir, the founder of the app.
Rouf who has co-founded the app with a computer geek Huzaib Shafi has been working on it since 2017. The app is available on app store and has received a good response as more than 20 users register daily on it. Presently it offers mock tests in various courses, subjects, and two months from now will keep open the new module to the public. Ladisha pays from Rs .25 to Rs 1 to every correct answer a student gives; whole charges remain same if it is the incorrect answer.
The duo, one of whom is a management student, and another a computer geek with just qualification of class 12th, hails from the restive south Kashmir. Rouf works on the project with his five other colleagues-three developers, and two content managers- from the Valley, while Huzaif contributes from Bangalore where he also works for a top notch company as a programmer. They are also hiring other developers which will be based in Srinagar.
Rouf said between these two months, they are also working on a system which will keep the app functional for a period of at least two months during internet shutdowns which the Valley has witnessed frequently in the past many years. During 2017, the internet was shut for 17 times, and in 2016, it was for months together.
To make the system more interactive, the duo will felicitate topper student of monthly tests by Rs 5000to Rs 10000 each. It will also host a trip to NASA in the USA once in a year which will be available from July this year to students.