3 rooms for 8 classes at GMS Manzgam

3 rooms for 8 classes at GMS Manzgam
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Baramulla: The Government Middle School Manzgam Uri in Boniyar tehsil has three rooms for eight classes comprising of around 100 students.
The students of the school said that while they have good teaching staff the paucity of space forces teachers to take classes in the open. Plus students of two three to classes study in the same room. “The school management are helpless, what can they do, when there are only three class rooms and all school equipments are also in these classrooms. The teachers are teaching class 8th students in office room because of shortage of accommodation” Asif Ahmad, a student said.
Abdul Ahmad, a local resident said that they have been asking the Education department to build more rooms for the school.
“We forwarded several aplications to department that we have lot of land around the school, and department can construct few more classes easily here, but they are paying heed to our repeated complaints”.
Chief Education Officer Baramulla Abdul Ahad Ganie told Kashmir Reader that that he would look into the matter. “I will visit the school personally and will solve the problem” Ganie said.