For a Better World, Introspection Must be the First Rule

For a Better World, Introspection Must be the First Rule
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Fayaz Ganie

Observing the conditions around, it is perhaps but natural that hearts ache and minds go into a perpetual state of depression. The conditions are by all means terrifying, frightening and terrible, pathetic and painful. Such conditions are not confined to only one specific region of the world but they prevail all over the world at multiple levels.
These conditions are surely bad, and contrary, to the ethical and moral compass of humans, but, the worst thing is that nobody is ready to accept that he or she as a person, his or her group or nation is responsible for anything like that. Everybody blames the other for this state of affairs and exonerates the self, and the group to which that person belongs. Nobody or country is willing to acknowledge the crimes and sins which that person or the country is committing. All present themselves as saints and sages and blame others as the real devils and destroyers of human race. There is no study of self and no self analysis and there is no introspection.
Starting from the global level downwards, every player at this level is blaming the other. The United States, and its allies, is blaming the global terrorist organizations and these organizations in turn blame the US for all the violence, death and destruction. For one country, it is her rival – and vice versa – and not the other way round which is the cause of many troubles which people and the nations face. As for example, North Korea holds the US responsible for all the adventures, and misadventures, she is making in the area of amassing more and more lethal weapons, Weapons of Mass Destruction and nukes and so on. The United States on the other hand levels similar allegations against North Korea.
In respect of all other countries, the same saga repeats itself , in different permutations and combinations. Iran presents herself as holding the moral high ground against her rivals and the rivals try their utmost to belie those claims and instead claim them as holding even higher such ground. India and Pakistan are engaged in a tirade of blames and counter blames and each of them is justifying their case as genuine and that of the other lacking all legitimacy. They never think of any other way of settling their issues and disputes. They never look inwards and see if they may require changing their own attitude and behavior towards the other.
The global organizations responsible for maintaining global peace and security shrink away from those responsibilities on one or the other pretext and blame all others but themselves for the continuance of wars, conflicts and disputes. They are hardly ready to accept that the structural, operational and functional faults in these organizations complicate the already grim global conditions. These faults somewhere result in making the already anarchic global system more anarchic and tilted towards few powerful players in the largest system.
Introspection alone could be the first step towards ensuring a peaceful, secure and sustainable global system. This introspection involves analyzing one’s own role and behavior in respect of the issues of bilateral, multilateral and global type. It also involves calculating the possibilities of success in resolving these issues by changing that role and behavior towards the others. Complemented and supplemented by other requirements, which could go a long way in finding solutions to the problems – with adverse consequences to the stability of the entire global, and sustenance of human species – it is imperative upon all the concerned players to begin with introspection which they are not taking recourse to.
At the most important level, which influences the behavior of groups and nations in the international relations and all the other levels, it is the individual level and behavior of individual towards other people and issues. Responsible behavior at this level makes the groups and nations, made of responsible citizens, to act responsibly. Introspective individuals at personal levels are sure shot guarantees in producing introspective groups and nations. And, introspective nations and groups are sure signs of progress, prosperity, peace, development and happiness.
Painfully, the attitude in respect of most of the individuals is witnessed to be that of irresponsibility and not of introspection. Everybody, almost everybody, holds an opinion, which is supplemented by action, that his own interests, profits and benefits come first and that of others afterwards. On any social, cultural or political issue, every individual holds a view and the view defines the role of all the forces and individuals save his own. That person every time is playing perfectly in respect of those problems and issues and all others are imperfect and underperforming.
In the increased level of moral degradation, corruption, crimes, poverty, under nutrition and the like, the acts, policies and behavior of the people and agencies, excluding the one, are the causative agents. This is the mindset of the majority. There are hardly any people around who are ready and willing to accept their role, responsibility and liability. All the rest need to be punished but the one promoted and rewarded, and rewarded hugely.
The blame game of every type and stage is witnessed on all the forms of every type of modern media, especially the social media. Here, the people representing the countries and groups blame other countries and groups and the people representing themselves blame other individuals. Introspection, as a word and deed, seems to have been forgotten and if it is remembered it is not considered as a human attribute anymore which is unfortunate and painful, at the same time.
Introspection is perfectly a human attribute. It is a guiding force which has played a crucial role in shaping the human destiny. The modern man is what he is and introspection has played all important roles towards that end. Introspection has enabled man to overcome all the hurdles in the field of science and technology and achieve great feats there. It has made the accomplishment of things which were thought as impossible in earlier times as possible. Many of them were not even imagined at one time of the human history. Many of the puzzles and conundrums of life have been solved, courtesy introspection. Had great scientists, scholars, leaders, inventors and entrepreneurs not introspected again and again their achievements would have not been there.
Therefore, introspection must be the first rule; everything else must begin after introspecting, and taking introspection into account. Finding solutions to our problems in things and people other than ourselves is not wise if those searches are not first made by us, and even within us. Expecting others to do certain things it is imperative to do those things by ourselves first. Introspection could go a long way in easing out the hard conditions in which human race is trapped; there should be no shame in doing a thing which fulfills our life goals at each level of human existence. Yes, that thing is introspection which must be placed at its right place.

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