DAK urges govt to remove GDC Principal

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SRINAGAR: Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) held an emergency meeting at its head office here on Friday which was attended by its president Dr Suhail Naik, Dr Owais H Dar, Dr Mohd Ashraf, Dr Ayjaz Ahmad Bhat, Dr Masood Rashid, Dr Arshid Trag, Dr Mohd Yousuf Tak, Dr Masood ul Hassan, Dr Adil Wani, Dr Md Ashraf Shah, Dr Ajaz and Dr Mir Mushtaq.
An official statement said the meeting was held after DAK received continuous delegations from under graduate and post graduate students of Government Dental College (GDC) Srinagar after the suspension of their strike few days back.
DAK hails the attachment of Prof. Mohammad Mushtaq, Head of the Department (HOD) Orthodontics, GDC, Srinagar, however the academic arrangements for the PG students have not been made till now as per reports.
DAK president Dr Suhail Naik in a statement said, “No order has been issued by the government for the appointment of new HOD of orthodontics department yet, which in turn makes the department to suffer in general and patients and students in particular.
“The care taker principal holding the prestigious chair of GDC has turned the college and hospital into corruption sage house where in nepotism, red-tapism, corruption and harassment of students is part and parcel of his policy.”
Dr Naik added the students have communicated to the DAK that they would be forced to resume their strike if their academic arrangement is not made at the earliest and furthermore if Principal is not removed “who is the main culprit of all the dental college mess”.
DAK urges government to remove dental college principal at the earliest in the interest of administration, patient care and improvement of academics.
“He (principal) has been appointed as a caretaker principal for more than a decade and a half back but still continues to be on the chair, though according to Supreme Court guidelines, either the person has to be confirmed for the said post or an alternate arrangement has to be made within 6 months of the appointment. Moreover, he has vigilance cases pending against him vide no. VOK-FIR-33/2012k.3094-95 and his illegal and unethical continuation on this prestigious chair on caretaker basis is in itself a proof of his strong connections in the power corridors,” the DAK statement said.
DAK stresses upon the Health Minister Bali Bhagat to act and settle the GDC issue once for all by appointing much competent and honest person for the said chair so that prestige of this academic asset is not compromised.