Over 20% Srinagar kids prone to high BP

Over 20% Srinagar kids prone to high BP
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Srinagar: More than 20 percent of school children in Srinagar district have or are likely to have high blood pressure, according to a medical study done on 760 school students by the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine (SPM), Government Medical College (GMC) Srinagar. Pre-hypertension was detected among many kids, putting them at high risk of developing hypertension in adulthood.
Dr Hina Bashir, the researcher, said that pre-hypertension was found among 12.9 percent of the school students tested during the research and hypertension in 8.3 percent of them.
The 760 students tested for hypertension were from various government and private schools located in 8 educational zones of the district.
According to Dr Bashir, the main reasons for hypertension were consumption of salt, chocolate, candies, carbonated drinks, fast food, cigarette smoking, academic failures and increased Body Mass Index (BMI).
“High blood pressure commonly known as hypertension has turned out to be a silent killer due to its asymptomatic nature,” Dr Bashir said.
Dr Muhammad Salim Khan, Head of the SPM Department, said that high blood pressure in school-going children is mostly related to food habits. “Hypertension is caused by unhealthy lifestyles and poor food choices among most of the school children. They usually take fast foods due to increasing number of restaurants and food outlets which sell unhealthy foods. Children should avoid such food to save themselves from the chronic disease,” he said.
Dr Khan said that proper exercise would also prevent such issues among kids.