Women in Kashmir successfully balancing between professional and personal life: Nayeema

Women in Kashmir successfully balancing between professional and personal life: Nayeema
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Srinagar: State Women’s Commission (SWC) chairperson Nayeema Mahjoor while highlighting the contribution of Kashmiri women in different fields, said that the women in the state have been successful in maintaining the balance between their professional and personal life.
Mehjoor was speaking during a one-day seminar “Contribution of Kashmiri women to the contemporary world,” organized by the Central University of Kashmir’s Women Empowerment Cell (WEC) in collaboration with Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) at Nowgam-I academic block of the varsity here.
“However, off late the commission has been receiving several complaints about the marital discord wherein some of the women have been accused of focusing more on their professional career and neglecting their family, which has resulted in disintegration of families,”Mahjoor said.
She asked the women folk to make balance between family and career and stressed the need to strengthen the institution of home. She further said the women in Kashmir have also suffered immensely on account of loss of their children and other family members during the conflict.
SCW Chairperson also underscored the need of conducting a detailed research about the contributions made by the women in different fields in Kashmir.
Vice-Chancellor, prof. Mehrajud Din Mir, while speaking on the occasion said, that despite facing several difficulties in the society and at workplaces, the women in Kashmir have excelled in almost all the professions.
“The Kashmiri women have a carved a niche for themselves and few are holding key positions at important institutions in the United States and other European countries,” he said.
Mir also highlighted the less crime rate against women in Kashmir. “The crimes against women in the Valley are very less when compared to other states in the country,” he said, adding that the Internal Complains Committee of the varsity has also received only a single complaint till date.
VC also announced that the university would provide financial assistance to the scholar willing to write a dissertation about the contribution of women in Kashmir.
Registrar, prof. M Afzal Zargar, said the women in Kashmir have played a pivotal and significant role in the society. “The women who is daughter, sister, mother, are contributing selflessly to the society,” he said.
Zargar said the women in Kashmir have been making advances in almost all the fields, particularly academics and medicine. “In almost all the results of schools and colleges, the girl students are outshining the boys.
Earlier, WEC and ICC Chairperson, prof. NighatBasu, gave a detailed account about the functioning of the Women Empowerment Cell and the Internal Complaints Committee. She said the cells are continuously organising workshops and seminars to sensitise the women about their rights.
Basu also hailed the cell members and other administrative staff for their role in making the seminar a success.

2 Responses to "Women in Kashmir successfully balancing between professional and personal life: Nayeema"

  1. asha kachru   May 30, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    adils comment is very relevant to understand the amount of coruption that exists today even in university of Kashmir and various official ranks. it is a pity that even an institution which is erected for the sole purpose of removing the gaps and disriminations between the genders and which should be encouraging the average women to come forwards and apply for different posts itself is misusing the resources.I am surprised as to how madam Mehjoor of the state commission for women thinks of empowering women when she talks to women to find the balance between profession and personal and does not mention the role of men in the process too. women are alreaddy much overworked finding a balance between family and career.i have a feeling that this commission is a hoax and only to provide lucrative jobs to the allready privileged. this is extremely sad because actually the Kashmiri women need a strong support structure from state and society to be able to bring the best in them for the advancement of the society

  2. adil   March 29, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Can anybody ask the v.c. of central university Kashmir,how his wife Nighat Basu was appointed in the university after she retired from Kashmir University. Neither was the post advertised nor any proper selection committee constituted If an F IR is registered against the v.c. for appointed medical officers which also includes the daughter of the v.c. of the central university why should not latter be also charged for appointing his wife unconstitutionally.