Panun Dawa Bazar opens at Srinagar

Panun Dawa Bazar opens at Srinagar
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SRINAGAR: Umaid Banday, an emerging entrepreneur in pharma retail industry started working on a venture from last year. It took him 7 months to create the concept and idea to start up the venture.
He thoroughly worked and studied the pharma market and realised a strong need for offering benefits to the common people while purchasing their health care products.
In Kashmir, where most people are suffering from depression, diabetes, ortho problems and many other ailments, it made him realise that how better it could be to serve his society where people spending thousands of rupees on medicines would get handsome discounts on each and every product.
This led him to the idea of Panun Dawa Bazar. The difference between his concept and other businesses is that the store will offer not only pharma products but all Ayurvedic herbal, Unani, FMCG, OTC, cosmetics and surgical items.
Umaid Banday, Owner & CEO Panun Dawa Bazar said, “We believe this feature is going to give us an edge on every other attribute, when you get all products under one roof be it any department of healthcare products.”
Banday comes from a family which already runs a business of Ayurvedic & FMCG products having a chain of counters functional. The brand Panun Dawa Bazar will be the first of its kind flagship counter for pharma.
“We have started this venture not for monetary gains but for a social cause and for generating employment. We have already employed 10-12 persons to run the venture that means 12 families now are linked to our business,” Umaid said.
He further said that they have plans to grow into a complete chain across the valley in future.
“Our intentions are society centric and are dedicated to selflessly contribute towards pharma sector. Our aim and mission is to provide quality and standard products at cheapest possible rates,” he added.
KTMF President, Yaseen Khan, MD Jasmine Group, Iqbal Qureshi, Hilltop Group Chairman, Ajaz Ahmad Chaya, SHO Maisuma, Sajjad Assad, President Lal Chowk Association, Din Mohammad Matoo were present at the opening ceremony.