Man beaten by army in Tral at risk of hearing loss

Man beaten by army in Tral at risk of hearing loss
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Victim says 5-6 army men knocked him down and beat him with rods, gun butts, kicks

Srinagar: The shopkeeper allegedly beaten by army soldiers in a Tral village on Monday evening is at risk of hearing loss due to injuries in his left ear, the doctor treating him at SMHS Hospital said.
Bashir Ahmad Hajam, 40, was admitted to SMHS Hospital on Tuesday where he was diagnosed with multiple trauma. Doctors said that Hajam has been put on multiple drug therapy, including painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics, and that he is unable to move properly.
“He is presently in psychological trauma due to the severe beating. His condition was very bad when we received him. There were bruises all over his body, especially on his face. We are closely monitoring him. He is complaining of hearing loss in his left ear,” said the doctor treating him at SMHS.
“His condition can be life-threatening if proper care is not taken. His ribs have also been wounded and there are chances that he has sustained internal injuries in chest and abdomen area,” the doctor added.
Hajam is currently admitted to the Surgery Ward of SMHS. A resident of Pastuna locality of Tral, he told Kashmir Reader that he was returning from some villages where he had gone to meet customers when army men stopped him near his house and started beating him.
He said that five to six army men beat him with sticks, logs, gun butts and blows with their hands and legs. They were accusing him of assisting militants in the area, which he kept denying, he said.
“I pleaded before them that I had not helped any militant ever since I was released from jail in 1994. But they didn’t listen and continued beating me,” he said.
Hajam said he was knocked down on the ground and beaten till he became unconscious.
“They pushed me down and started beating me with sticks, gun butts, and rods. They also kicked me on my face, chest and legs,” he said.
“The army men were asking me the whereabouts of militants, which I was unaware of. When I replied in the negative, they started beating me more. They even abused me and said they will kill me as ‘I was a burden on the earth’,” he said.
Medical Superintendent of SMHS Hospital, Dr Saleem Tak, said the victim had been put under close observation after he was diagnosed with multiple trauma.
“His condition is stable but we have to conduct different tests to negate any chances of severe internal injury. It will take us some more days to discharge him,” he said.