Overstaying ‘resource persons’ irk teachers in Kulgam, schools suffer

Overstaying ‘resource persons’ irk teachers in Kulgam, schools suffer
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Kulgam: Teachers posted as ‘resource persons’ in the education department-here in different zones of Kulgam district-have been overstaying in contradiction to the government norms of a scheduled tenure.
Under the norms of Sarva Shikhsha Abhiyan (SSA) the scheduled tenure for these ‘resource persons’ (RP’s) has been set for two years.
The tenure of a highly trained resource person can be extended up to three years, but not more than that as per the norms.
Sources in the department, however, said that some of these “blue eyed” teachers have been posted as resource persons for years now and some, ironically, have never taught at an actual school.
The resource persons called Master Trainers and Academic Monitors-whose primary job is to get trained and then impart training on the teachers.
On a recent visit to Kulgam district the Director Education, Dr Ghulam Nabi Itoo, in categorical terms conveyed that the over staying resource persons should be sent back to the schools in a phased manner.
But a month or so later, on March 6, the Chief Education Officer (CEO) Kulgam, Ashok Kumar Sanyal, sent out a list of 24 resource persons from six zones of the district for training and to everyone’s dismay in the department the overstaying RP’s found mention again.
The disgruntled teachers told Kashmir Reader that these are some teachers with political connections, who do not want to leave the cozy environs of offices and go to actual teaching jobs.
“Many of them have not even seen a school in their entire stint. This is grossly unfair on all the other teachers who want to be a part of the process,” some teachers told Kashmir Reader.
They said that the department, despite repeated pleas, from the other teachers has been unable to phase out these resource persons.
The teachers alleged that a nexus has come into being and these overstaying RP’s have now started calling shots in the department, being in proximity to the offices.
“They now have a say in official decisions, transfers and other things because they stay in the offices all the time,” the teachers alleged.
Sanyal, when contacted by Kashmir Reader, said that he has instructed the ZEOs concerned to start looking out for other teachers willing to be RP’s.
“Most of them are not willing and then there are some who have been well trained, whose services are much needed for the job,” Sanyal said.
He said that his office will definitely be looking to take some new people onboard and send the ones who have over stayed, back to schools.
Director Education, Itoo, told Kashmir Reader that he has conveyed the message to the concerned CEO, clearly.
“I will look into it again. Resource persons are important but they can, in no capacity, stay longer than their tenures,” Ittoo said.
He said that the existing RP’s will be sent to schools in a phased manner and new teams will be formulated.