DeM warns AMT school: ‘Revoke ban on Abaya or face repercussions’

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Terming Abaya ‘source of infection’ blasphemy: Andrabi

SRINAGAR: Chairperson Dukhtaran-e-Millat (DeM) Syeda Aasiya Andrabi on Monday threatened to launch a mass agitation if the government-run Ancillary Medical Training (AMT) school doesn’t withdraw the alleged diktat asking female students not to wear Abaya (veil). Andrabi said the diktat is a direct attack on the Islamic affairs of Muslim women and will have serious repercussions if not withdrawn.
The statement has come in reaction to the alleged diktat issued by AMT school asking the girl students not to wear Abaya or cover face during their duty hours as it can be “source of infection during work”, Andrabi said.
“As Muslim women, we have pledged to the Almighty Allah that we will cover ourselves from head to toe. It is an obligation for us and being a Muslimah, it impossible for these daughters to remove the veil,” she said in a statement.
Andrabi appealed the protesting students to remain steadfast on their stand as “the whole Muslim nation” is with them. “I assure these pious daughters that we will never allow an anti-Islamic diktat to materialise. I warn the school administration that if this clause isn’t removed as soon as possible, we will launch a mass agitation which will have serious repercussions and the school administration will be responsible for it,” she said. “Razia Mehmood, the principal of the school, by name, seems to be a Muslim. She must keep it in mind that this is Jammu and Kashmir, a nation of Muslims; we will not tolerate the Hindutva culture here. We have sacrificed lakhs of our people in our struggle for not being with India, so such Brahmanical orders won’t be tolerated here,” she said.
The DeM chief said that terming the Abaya as “a source of infection” by the principal was as ridiculous as the diktat is. “Let me remind this doctor that whenever a doctor operates a patient inside an operation theatre, he/she covers both the head and the face so that the patient or the doctor doesn’t catch infection. A sane person cannot say such things. So terming a veil a ‘source of infection’ is as malicious as the banning of Purdah system,” she asserted.
“Saying that Purdah – an obligation for women and a part of faith – can be a ‘source of infection’ is blasphemy. Razia Mehmood has challenged an important tenet of Islamic faith by issuing such a dictatorial order,” Aasiya said. “In reality, this is nothing but a part of the war against Islam. “I salute the students who protested against this anti-Islamic order and assure them that we will continue to support them until this order is revoked.”
Meanwhile, Aasiya paid glowing tributes to militants killed in the last few days. She also hailed people for showing utmost respect to the militants by joining their funerals in massive numbers.